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Thursday, September 1, 2011

All is Well

Yea Me! I am actually getting into a better blogging rhythm. School for the kids is under way and going well.  The boys love their teachers, and so do I. Audrey is enjoying her 2nd year in middle school.  She made the symphonic band.  She will march in parades, play at their middle school games, also play at the last home game for the high school. She will get to participate in UIL events.
She and William auditioned for the King and I. They made the cast! William is a prince and Audrey is in the Lead Dance Troupe and a member of the palace staff. They have so much fun at SABA.  All the boys will take tap classes again this year.  William is also signed up for a voice lesson with Mr. Fox. Yippeee! Audrey will be in a tap class as well as 3 ballet classes at SABA.  We are sad that Butterfly Academy closed and miss our times there.  Several of the girls in Audrey's classes at Butterfly will be taking at SABA. So that makes us smile. And Mrs. Cheryl is always around for us to see and be with too. 
James and Joseph decided they want to learn more about tennis. We got info and signed the boys up for a 6wk lesson with a local association. They had their first lesson last week and really enjoyed it.  The little boy Joseph accidentally beaned with his racquet didn't have that enjoyable of a class but, hopefully it will go better for him next week. :)  William got the bug and decided he wants to sign up too!
I started back to work on Monday. pfew, i'm tired and the students don't even start til next week! We have had inservice classes and been cleaning up, organizing, etc..... The resource room has been my assignment. I went a little nuts but, boy does it look good. I don't think I threw away anything important ::snort::. I did lay alot of stuff out for the teachers to go through before I ditched it or gave it away.
All the family, extended included, are still reeling from the death of Tom's sister.  I know that for me, I can be going along in my day and all is well.  Then something will spark a memory or thought of her or her kids and I will have to choke back tears or sometimes just give into them. Looking forward to seeing our niece and nephew sometime this fall.  I just want to hug their necks so bad!
Well, it's late and my poor fingers are really starting to ache.  I've been entering data for the room parent committees for the elementary school. So far things are looking good for getting the room parents put in place. 
Big Hugs and Many Blessings.

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