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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Prayer for Day 8

Today is the 8th Day of Advent.  I am reading the Advent & Christmas devotional with Wisdom from Padre Pio.
I especially love today's prayer and scripture reflection and want to share it with you.
Read 1Kings 19:11-12.

Because you are God of All Creation, you are certainly God of Moise as well.  So why do I plead to be led out of the raucousness that surrounds me? You are in the racket as well as in the silence, calling me, loving me, just as you have promised.  O Beloved Voice, I pray that I might hear you in the noisiest moments of my life, in those moments when I am deaf to the delightful song of creation, as well as in those moments of absolute stillness.  Please grant me the grace to hear what you are saying to me- and to understand what I must do with my life. Amen.

Blessing from a letter of Padre Pio's.
I wish you, from the dear Redeemer, the grace of steadfastness of purpose, and especially that of being silent and letting everything around you be silent, in order to hear the voice of the Beloved and establish a peaceful dialogue with Him.

Blessings my friends in this second week of Advent.  We wait quietly and patiently for the light of the world. 

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