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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Ho! Ho! Holy Moly!

Augh....I think about this blog often just don't seem to use my computer time effectively to get it updated.
October 23rd weekend we took the kids to Lubbock for the weekend to visit our niece, Meagan. She is doing well.  We were able to spend some time with her boyfriend, Scott, and Jerad's girlfriend, Tawny, too while we were there.  Jerad was off on a hunting trip. 
Thanksgiving was a special time for us all to get together.  Meagan, Jerad, and Wayne were all able to spend time here during the holiday.  We all miss Jeanette terrible and gatherings such as this make it even more clear that she is no longer with us.  You prayers for all of us during this Advent/Christmas season are much appreciated.
Audrey and William are busy with rehearsals for King and I.  Performances are this weekend Fri-Sun at the coliseum. Great actors/actresses will grace the stage. Come see a show if you can.
William and I will be going to Austin on Thursday for his class fieldtrip to the capital.  I am going to drive my car behind the bus so as soon as his tour is over we can hit the road home.  The plan is for him to sleep on the way home and then get to bed early.  He will have to be at the coliseum at 7:30a the next morning for the first performance of King and I.
Hope you all have a wonderful week.
Kids with Meagan in October.

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