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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fat Tuesday!

Tom and I visited New Orleans lasts year for our 15th Anniversary in January. We had a wonderful time eating and sightseeing and eating and meeting interesting people and listening to great music and did I mention eating.  Tom treated me to some wonderful restaurants.  :)
Enjoy today. And get ready to begin your Lenten celebration.  Celebration? Yes! Lent is a wonderful time to get it together.  New Years resolutions never work for me. Lenten reflection, soul searching, journaling, that does it.  Go out into the dessert with our Lord. Listen to him. Fast. Augh! Fasting is a bunion on my foot. It hurts. It's hard to deal with.  I work very hard and suppressing it.  Identify your bunion. Embrace your bunion. Let's work together to overcome those things that stand in the way of getting us closer to God.
Happy Fat Tuesday. Big Hugs and Many Blessings as we look forward to a growing Lenten experience.

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