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Friday, February 10, 2012

I am Your Peace

Ever have one of those Sundays when you trying Not to show your true colors in the second pew of church?

You are at 9am Mass, not your regular Mass, so those around you know and don't know you and your TwInS! You are flanked by said twins.  They are fairly cute in their red sweaters.  They had been standing at a church entrance taking up a collection for Souper Bowl. They are now in the pew with you.  You too are in a red sweater and you feel a true bonding opportunity ahead of you with your, hopefully soon, to be First Communion candidates.
 But, low and behold they are having one of  those mornings.  Squirm, fidget, pick (everyThing), laying down, sitting on kneeler pretending to ride a know.
You come back from Communion and are trying to convey a since of peace, calm, quiet.  You are kneeling, head bowed, hands folded.  On your right you know the twin (Joseph) is flopping around, laying down, fidgeting. On your left fidget, motorcyclekneeler riding, etc.....    Your are clamping your eyes shut praying you don't go nuts.
Then you feel a calm.  The hymn stops.  Choir starts a litany of peace.  And about 1/2 way through you hear this sweet, adoring, clear little voice beside you (on the right....James)  Let me be our peace..... response to the litany.  Awwwww.......   with every response more tears fall from your eyes and hit your clinched fist. I mean praying hands.  Thank You God! Thank You God! for this amazing little sign that it's all worth it.  These are your children I have been in trusted to raise. 
As soon as the Eucharist is returned to the Tabernacle you feel a tug.
MOM! Is it time?  Joseph wants to know if it is time for them to get their baskets from Mrs. Lori and return to their door.  Yes, you can go.  WALK......
And as you are listening to the deacon read the letter from the Bishop you see the silhouette of your boys in the door across the church. And their baskets swinging around in circles.  You thank God for the previous few moments and BEG his help to continue on your mission of Motherhood.

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