Christmas 2013

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Saturday Complete!

Trim small annoying little branches off of pecan trees in backyard
Cleaned leaves out of front bed under big oak tree, blew out carport and driveway.
cleaned out bed around bay window. 
These were items that were left off of the post below.
Have had a pretty productive day.  Intend to finish up tomorrow. 
Really had a good time with the boys.
Living Room pics before emptied of stuff

Boys practicing their Chim Chim Churie(sp)
incase Ms. Angela ever schedules Mary Poppins for the SABA stage
We'll be ready to audtion as Chimney Sweeps   :)

Joseph wigging out about coming down the ladder.
Totally didn't look down to realize he's 1 step from the ground
pretty funny
Audrey and Grandma have read the Hunger Games Books
Grandma treated Audrey and a couple of her friends to the movie this afternoon

Audrey's Catniss' hairdo. 

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