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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Weekend Check List!

This was my recent post on Facebook.
Ok. Here we go. Yes. Here we go. Time to get off my hinny and get moving. clear out living room for contractor to come on Monday, plant bushes, plant bean seeds, play with new leaf blower/mulcher thingy :). Laundry, Kitchen, and the dreaded BOYS ROOM!!!! Wish us luck. Because, yes, here we go, yes, right now, i'm getting up, right now. Really I am........
And obviously I have found a little diversion. :)
But I thought it would be fun to put my list here and slowly through the day come back and mark stuff off. 
*Swimsuits off train table in boys room
*Floor cleared in boys room
*kitchen floor    ::::AUGH!:::::
*clear bookcase and furniture in living room of small stuff
*vacuum living room   - or more correctly go on 'treasure hunt' of weird and foreign items and try not to be sick at what i might find.
*sort laundry
*wash laundry
*fold laundry
*Plant lilac bushes  :)  :)   :)   :)   Do you know how excited I am about my lilac bushes? if not read below. :)   :)   :)
*Plant herb wheel 
*Take photos through day of progress
*plant beans
*Try out leaf blower/mulcher
*OH! And get branch, leaves, and grocery bag stuck in tree off roof!(William is thrilled to do this job)
*Office.....enough said.
I'm going now. Going to get moving.  Check back to see our progress.

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