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Monday, March 19, 2012

Why I drink WINE!

*My feet don't hurt after a long hike in Lost Maples State Park soon followed by a full day of preschool.
*Sadness that possible contractor for Living Room Done project had to cancel - is dulled.
*That joyfull feeling of Flop I could sleep on my Desk feeling.
*The ability to not over think photo editing and coming out with some cool stuff.
*hopefully the ability to sleep through the night with no weird dreams or worries.
*Nothing hurts......tonight anyway.

BOOOOOOO of drinking wine.
*tomorrow at preschool would stink if not for the fact it is a tuesday and a few classes (The M-W-F classes) won't be there and  there are leftover cheeseballs.
*cheeseballs - preschool floater Amy's substitute for wine. :)
*headache in am!!
*lack of ablility to ramble at husband and make him aware of fact that 'yes, I polished off the WHOLE bottle."

Why polish off the whole bottle - I don't want it to go bad.  I might not drink wine again for several days and it would go bad and waste good $$ not to mention good wine.  :)    Thank you secret sister at work.

Ok. I go now. 

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