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Friday, March 23, 2012

It's FRIDAY!!!!! Yesterday I couldn't stop talking and chatting and talking and waving my hands and bouncing and talking..... 
I   AM      GETTING    THE   LIVING ROOM     PAINTED!!!  Does that excite you? If you have followed the terminal living room make over that has been going on in my home for ??? years  (so long I lost count)  then you know why I am soooo excited. 
We have a busy busy weekend ahead of us.  Empty out living room, find places to stash furniture.  Hopefully get flooring lined up so that could possibly, hopefully, by the Grace of God, get done by Easter too.
I really, really, really, want to get those little skinny branches/sampling thingys cut off the big branches of the pecan trees before they start leafing out. 
I want to play with my new leaf blower I purchased with the $$ I got from my Daddy for my birthday.
Plant green beans, and a few more flower seeds.
AND!!!! plant! my LILAC BUSHES!!!! 
I am sooooo excited! When I was at Lowes to get the leafblower I happened down a little short aisle, at the front of the store that I never go down because it is in a weird spot.  Anyway, I wandered around thinking of something else then was on that aisle. 
Then as if a heavenly moment the Heavens opened up and bright light shown down and angels sang and I gasped and before me all alone sitting in a Lowe's basket just waiting to be pushed out to my car was a beautiful Lilac Bush!
I found where it's friends were in the garden area and picked up 2 more.  2 for me 1 for my Mommy.  I would have gotten 1 for my Sis too if I was smart enough (and probably have to be rich enough) to ship it to her. 
We had huge beautiful ones growing in our backyard growing up.  Daddy decided to build a new, nice, two car garage and put it where the old barn was.  Great, no big, the barn is several several feet from the back fence.  Mom, Beth, and I had no idea we would come home one day and our bushes would be GONE!!! I think he knew a coo would be launched and we'd chain ourselves to the bushes if we  had known.
SO! almost 30 years later I HAVE a Lilac Bush.  Two Lilac Bushes.
Please pray to Jesus, Mary, all the saints related to gardens, yards, flowers, bushes, and black thumbed gardener wanna bes, that I am successful at getting these guys established.
Well, it's about time to brush teeth, gather kiddos, and head to our various schools.
xoxo AmyK

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