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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Well how did the living room come out?

Well, if you have been checking back wondering where I went....well, William got sick, then Joseph was sick. William stayed home on Wednesday with the painter. It was fun when I was asked at school "Who is staying with William?" I'd answer "With JD the painter." Don't you leave your kids home with the painter when their sick?
Anyway, when Joseph woke sick on Thursday I decided I'd better stay home with him.  It worked well for me. I was able to match up the paint in the dining room to match the addition. It's complicated to explain and I don't have pictures. But when we extended a wall in the living room it also extended a wall in the dining room. That portion needed to be matched to the rest of the stucco/tuscan modpodge that JJ and I did like, 5 years ago!. But it turned out well I'm happy to say.
All we need now is new flooring and I do believe we will have a completion! Tom needs to put the faces on the drawers in the shelving unit but I believe he will get to that soon.

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