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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Big Test Week

This week is STAAR test week.  I am a high I personality which means don't ask me what STAAR stands for. I'm sure I've been told but, my personality requires me not to remember. It is a state test that is used for advancement to the next grade. Has been known as TAKS test in the past this year changed to STAAR and doesn't 'count' the first year.
Anyway, there is a list of rules/suggestions for a successful test day. Good breakfast, early to bed, comfy clothes, review test strategies, calm household, positive get the idea. WELL, the pressure is just too much for some families. Mine. Here is the post I put on Facebook last night.

What is your Successful STAAR week strategy? What to hear ours? The day before test have a quick run to Pedi office to confirm James doesn't have chickenpox. Math Test morning chunck a large game dice at your twins head. Evening before Reading test have 12yr old use toaster oven directions to make 9 bagel bites in microwave. So that when you come in from backyard your husband is yelling FIRE in the kitchen and you see a huge cloud of smoke bellowing from the microwave. (that your daughter set for 14 minutes to make 9 bagelbites). So that's our plan to ace the reading test. What's yours? :)

What is not included is the fact I had my eyes dilated yesterday afternoon, and had a headache. Was making these fancy hogie type sandwiches for a luncheon at school the next day (luckily sandwiches made before smoke incident)
Then this morning on the way out the door Joseph gives the door a hardy push as he runs out and doesn't realize how close James is behind him.  So this morning James goes to school with a wet cloth on his eye where he got caught by the door. 
I say prayers for them all the way home after dropping them off. This afternoon after school James' teacher calls and tells me she is so very proud of him.  He was extremely focused on the test, he read stories twice (today was reading, yesterday was math), did all the things he was taught to find the correct answer. TAKS wasn't timed, STAAR is. They had 4 hours.  On the practice test(benchmarks) James rushed and was almost always the first one to turn in and tried to turn in test after only about 20 minutes.  Today his teacher started to wonder if he was going to run out of time! He made it with about 15min to spare.
I like to think that our unique form of pretest preparation is what did it but, I'll have to consider that perhaps the promise of a GameDay on Friday was what did it.  He got in the car and began talking about the board game he wants to take on Friday.  The first thing he did when he got home was climb in the top of his closet to get it down.
So if you have STAAR or TAKS or some form of a statewide test to determine Achievement. Big Hugs and Many Blessings and God be with you. I am so glad we are DONE til next spring. :)

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