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Friday, June 22, 2012

Audrey - Babysitter for Hire

Audrey is rockin' the babysitting world lately. And lovin' it.  She has been patiently and prayerfully waiting for a certain family to ask her to come.  Last week she was asked to spend a couple of hours at the pool with the older 2.  The family is  3 girls - ages 6, 4, 6mo.  They had a blast and Audrey said the girls were great.  This week she was asked to stay at the house with all 3 girls for a couple of hours in the am.  A bit nervous but she did great.  They live nearby so she knew I was only a phone call way if she needed help with the baby. Instead I got nanny nanny nu nu text that the baby didn't take a nap and was playing with Audrey.  Yes, I was totally jealous.  The last night she spent 3 hours with 3 boys at the house on the end of our block. 
The big test came tonight.  Her Brothers!
I really wanted to attend a going away party for a friend and I wanted Tom to go too.  Audrey wasn't keen on the idea until I waved $20 infront of her. Sold! (I also offered the boys $$ to behave.) I'm happy to report all was well when we arrived home.  Joseph had called me and was getting nervous that it was getting dark outside.  I think he just wanted a chance to talk to Momma (the friend leaving is known as Momma to the theatre  kids. She is moving).  Tom became a little more familiar with my SABA friends.  I got to love on Momma one last time. And the kids did awesome on their own. 
James had a little blood on the back of his calf but didn't even know what had happened.  He was too busy showing me his new helmet skiing talent.  Did you know that if you put the football helmets on your feet you can ski across the wood floor? Just a little FYI for ya'. 

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