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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Grace Chapel Inn

Borrowed this pic from Amazon.
First a few questions.
1. Do you know who Fr. Tim is?
2. Do you like Fr. Tim and the Mitford Series books?
3. If you answered yes then I have got 3 sisters I'd like you to meet.
Jane, Alice and Louise Howard.  They are 3 sisters who have inherited their family home and turned it into a bed and breakfast.
That is all I am going to tell you.  You will need to start reading the books to learn more. But, if you liked the Mitford Books about Fr. Tim I feel confident you will like the Grace Chapel Inn books. 
Warning: the books are written by like 3-5 different authors.  They wrote the series for Guidepost.  It has taken some searching but I believe I have found the correct list of books in order.  Start with this one and if you are interested let me know I will hook you up. If you are local so far 1-8 are at our library.  I am currently on like book 5, maybe 6. I love them.
Back Home Again (Tales from Grace Chapel Inn, Book 1)

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