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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Another Wacky Wednesday

I find it interesting that it takes a crazy day to get me to post on the blog.
Well it has been a very interesting week. Things are upside down and backwards and crazy at work. Never would have thought preschool could contain this much DraMa!! So, work is a bit stressful and contains a fair bit of anxiety right now but, I think...hope...PRAY we are on an upswing.

My third ACTS retreat as a team member is fast approaching.  I have I don't know how many different piles of gotta get done for retreat around here. But wow I love the work and piles that are associated with this retreat.  These women are so wonderful. I love this team. I love my ACTS family. AND I love that several wonderful people I love and adore are coming on this retreat as retreatants.

My family! Wow! Have I mentioned before that 4th Grade with the twins is going to put me away? 4th Grade with the twins is going to put me away. I'm talking straight jacket, wild hair, padded room, crazy laugh, drooling, talking to my toes kind of put away.  No. Seriously. I'm not sure I'm going to make it.  I am so thankful that I have recently been introduced to St. Giovanni Bosco - patron saint of BOYS! William and I came across a movie on EWTN about Fr. Bosco's life.  William was inthrawled. I had been hoping William would chose to be Padre Pio for the Saint Living Museum for his Religious Ed class but after the movie he decided to be.....St Bosco?...No....St. Dominico Savio. A young boy who died while at Fr. Bosco's Oratory. Neat kid and William has enjoyed learning more about him.
Ok. Back to my boys. William is doing well in 5th Grade. Some rough grades on his 6wk report card but we'll get a hold of them.  Tonight he and I had fun working on his recycled art project. We melted crayons in a glue gun and then splattered/Flung/dripped the wax on 3 separate small canvases. He decided to put a cross on one, pink ribbon on another, and Pray for a Cure on another.  Kind of just came together as we talked and worked.  We made the cross one and happened to get a pink crayon when we got to coloring the cross.  Voila! the idea was born.  Will post picture tomorrow.
Joseph had his first piano class yesterday. He is really excited and loves to practice.  It is one note. Held for 3 count, then 3-1counts, then 3 count....etc....  Bang your head on the wall in a 123, 1,2,3, pattern and welcome to my world. Can't wait for his class next week!::snort::  I think it's time to search out some earphones for the keyboard.
James and I ran/walked in a benefit run for Habitat for Humanity.  He enjoyed it. I wish I was a runner and could have kept him going.  He kind of fell away from the pack and then walked/ran for awhile. But we made it the whole mile.  Score! James' is my only kid in a tap class this year. :(
He and William are in the SABA production of Oliver that will be presented in December.
Audrey is still loving her dancing.  She is enjoying her 8th Grade year, Algebra and all. I am so thankful I am no good at math. I have no sympathy for Tom when he attempts to aide a hormonal 13 year old girl with algebra at 8:00 at night.  Mainly because I have just spent the past 5 hours taxi-ing his kids to and from school and SABA for the most part. And working in 4th grade homework with His Twins. Have I mentioned that 4th Grade with the twins is going to put me away? 
Well, I'm getting tired and if you are still reading this you should be tired/confused and a bit nuts.  
Farewell for now and I hope it isn't too long before I'm back with pictures and more fun Kerr Happenings.
Hugs and Blessings.

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