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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Wacky Wednesday

I have major sympathy for single mothers, families dealing with death or major illnesses, unemployment, financial difficulty, stressful lives.  I can't imagine trying to do the daily things and deal with some of the issues some families have to deal with.  Or do it alone. 
With that being said I'd like to now vomit my day.  Because I have one of those personalities where if I don't share...and share NOW, I will explode.

5:30a- Wake. Be thankful for decent leftover hair from day before. Bath. Comb hair. Get ready for day.

6:30a-7:15a-All those major get 4 kids ready and out the door by 7:15 mornings. Who fed the animals? MOM I need. Why won't you just try the food in the lunchroom so I don't have to make a lunch? Hurry Mom, I have to be there by 7:25a for the Morning Show. (William is a host/camera man/I have no idea, for the school's morning show that airs in the classrooms each morning. or every other morning. ??) Insert-Mom change necklace twice and earrings once because daughter told her they didn't look good.

7:23a - boys to school.

7:30a - Audrey to school. Sectional practice for trumpets on Wednesday morning.

7:45a-2pm - Mom work day at preschool. Enough said. I promise any wild adventures you can come up with are probably not far off from the truth.

3p - pu James and Joseph.

3:30- Drop James at tap. Forced into double checking with teacher that this is he correct class. I foopawed last week and took him on Tuesday and he ended up in a higher class.

3:45- pu William at school. Morning Show after school stuff.

3:56- drop at orthodontist to be refitted for retainer.  Where did first retainer go?  Lunchroom trash.  Augh!

4:01 - pu Audrey.

4:08-Drop Audrey and Joseph at home to start homework.  Yes Joseph has been riding around with me for an hour. 

4:17 - pu James from Tap.

4:23 - pu William at ortho.  Why do you have on a different shirt? I barfed!  And he's quite proud. 

4:30 - home with William, James, and a nasty shirt.  Return phone call to Scottish Wright Hospital to set up appt for Audrey to see orthopedic about her crooked back. (curve jumped from 12 degrees last year to 27 this year.) After 15 min on hold appt set for November.

4:56- lv house with Audrey to drop at ballet.

Currently - 5:20p and I am spending my time sitting here typing on the computer.  The boys and I need to leave about 5:45p to get to church for first night of Religious Ed classes for this school year. I am so looking forward to my adult faith class.  I miss my friends.

I decided to type this post that was forming in my head the past hour, when I saw this.
Holy Moly. The boys have been working on their homework.  This is only Heaven knows what. The twins are quickly learning they need to step it up a notch or 20. They have rotations - there are 3 4thgrade teachers. They go to one for reading, one for math, one for writing. And then one of those 3 is their home room.  I think they are a bit confused but, all the 4th graders are at this point.
Pray I make it through this year with them.  Just reading tonights assignments has stressed me. 
Well. Time to get ready to leave. Hugs and Blessings.  Thank you for your time and this opportunity to vomit my day!
See you on the other side of the cork!  (wine cork that is.)

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