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Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Tom was offered and accepted the job of Director of Utilities for the City of Odessa.  So mid January our lives really took an odd turn.  We have prayed and searched and know this is where we are going.  The oil boom is making finding a home tricky.  It is making alot of things tricky. But we continue to march on.  The kids and I had two huge loads of kid 'stuff' to be marked for the Just Between Friends Sale that will take place the first weekend of April. *See below post for info*.  Tom officially started on February 25th. He has completed 4 full weeks.  He enjoys the staff and the challenges presented when a town/city begins to grow at a rapid pace. 
We have looked at numerous homes in both Odessa and Midland.  It is difficult to find a house that is a Home#will fit our family#kids like#isn't dated and requiring a fair bit of work#oh..and we can afford.  St. Joseph has been a constant companion lately.  He knows a little bit about moving a family around#following God's plan#houses/carpentry.  We ask for your prayers for us as we make this transition.
The kids and I spent the first 1/2 of Spring Break cleaning out closets and drawers.  We have actually packed a few boxes for the move.  :)  Thursday of Spring Break we went to Midland to stay with Tom for a few days.  We went back this past weekend and look forward to having him here for Easter.
We are glad the Midland/Odessa area is still West Texas and only about 2hrs from San Angelo. 
Friends and Fellow bloggers who have had to make big moves we accept any and all suggestions on how to make the transition.  Tom and I married 17yrs ago, 6 months later bought this house and brought 4 kids into it.  It's alot of 'stuff' and memories to pack up. 
Speaking of kids it's time for me to check in on them.
Hugs and Blessings and thank you for checking in.
Amy & the Herd

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