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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Life's Fun Adventures......

Where to begin.  We'll just start at the top.
This past Friday the 5th the kids and I went over to Midland to visit Tom.  We got in about 7p and he took us to eat at Sedona's. I had a Dos-A-Rita and it came with the cutest little Dos Esquis bottle.
 The next day we slept in a bit before getting out and visiting Pee Wee Dalton Boot Store.  Tom has been needing a new pair for some time and done a lot of looking around.  We finally found a pair.  We then took off for the Grande Stadium to see the Texas Tech Red Raiders in practice. 

While at the event James decided to put a quarter in his mouth so he wouldn't loose it while he went through the inflatable obstical
He complained for awhile. I figured he deserved it for putting a quarter in his mouth.  My thought was that it had been uncomfortable going down.  He never coughed like he was going to barf.  He drank some soda and sucked on ice. Even ate popcorn.  Soon stopped complaining about chest and started complaining about heat.
We went back to the apartment to chill out til it was time to meet realtor and look at a house in Odessa.  I laid down only to be woken up by Audrey telling me they can't find the twins.  They had gone outside to play with new friends. Tom had been calling for them and they weren't around.  I walked up to the office area (Tom's apartment is at the back of the complex!) On the way back and after asking everybody I saw, Tom calls that the boys are back.  William knew where the boys lived because he had seen where they went to get bikes.  I figured J&J had followed them out somewhere.  So they are back and it's time to leave.  We meet Stacey at the house. The place is empty.  There is a fountain in the backyard.  There is also a bottle of Dawn dish soap about 1/4 full. 
Joseph + dish soap + fountain =
Lots of Bubbles!  Hint: when you have a fountain overflowing with bubbles turn off the pump.
Thanks to a Wonderful Realtor and her most Gracious husband going over later the soap is gone. 
On way back to Midland we notice the drive-in movie. And yep, decide to see a movie.  The Croods is a cute movie however I don't recommend trying to watch it from the backseat of a Ford Flex. But the kids could all see and that's what counts.  James complained abit while eating a corndog but kept on eating.
11:30p we get back to apartment. James is really crying and rubbing his chest. Tom calls the nurse number on the insurance card. 12m he finds himself going to the ER for an xray. 1:30 he's calling needing medical info on James.  3:00a he calls to inform me the thing is stuck fairly low in his chest in his esophogus. They(midland dr.) are going to send him to an AMBULANCE! Are you kidding me? The doctor that would be called for this isn't on call and he's the only one...blah...blah...blah...too tired at 3am to understand the whys. All I knew was that Tom was rushing home to get a few things and get back to hospital to ride in ambulance with James.  I couldn't take stuff over because I had a vehicle but Tom had the key.
Tom gets back to hospital and I get text that it will be between 5a-7a before an ambulance/personnel for the trip will be available.  They didn't leave til 7:30a. I was able to get my parents to come get other kids.  Our nephew's girlfriend happen to be in town visiting him so she came over and stayed with kids til my parents could get there.  I headed off for Lubbock.  Didn't get there in time to see him before he went in but talked to him several times on the phone.  tough Tough tough. The surgeon went in with a scope and lubricated things up and got the quarter out.  James woke up and was able to walk out of hospital.  We drove around Tech and saw the pretty tulips in bloom.  Then had sandwiches at the Firehouse Subs.  James ate an entire grilled cheese#handful of fritos#2 chocolate chip cookies.  Then a bag of gummy bears in the car.  He and Tom slept on the way back to Midland.  THen James woke up. And boy did he wake up. Talked constantly for about 4 hours.  We stayed in Midland Sunday night because I was too tired to try and drive back to San Angelo. 
So. There is a typical weekend for the Herd.
I'll tell you about the spongebob leg in Joseph's ear on a previous trip, at a later time.  My fingers are cramping.

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