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Sunday, September 23, 2007

What they don't come up with.......

..on their own, Uncle J. will show them.
I use to say if the twins don't think of it then Wonks will. Well today Uncle J and my Dad were here to help with some furniture moving around. When we returned from the store room I needed some stuff from the garage. My brother proceeds to tell Snot the many uses of Duct Tape. Then he begins to show Snot the excitement of placing a battery on your tongue. At this point I cover the twins ears and send him to the house. Uncle J just informs me that it is going to happen. Might as well be now as opposed to later. He just wants to do his part in contributing to the Blog and e-mails. Thanks brother.
Now, if you are wonder about the ticker above and if I really consider taking out the trash exercise. Well, yes I do. But that is not why it's there. Ever sense Margie showed me how to add blinkies, tickers, inspiration, to my Blog I've gone a bit crazy. I wanted to do some kind of tally ticker and while I was taking out trash I got the idea. However, I was unable to find a count up ticker and went with the first thing I could find. I'll work on it though.
Do you like my Saint of the Day? That one took awhile too. I saw it on another Blog and then became obsessed with figuring out how to add it to mine.
I so need rehab. For now though I think I will get a timer. At the bing I have to stop. I won't allow myself on the computer unless it is for a short time in the morning when I have the house to myself or late at night after kids are in bed.
We are starting a new week. Garage Sale is planned for next Saturday and I'm still working on the logistics of having everybody where they need to be and when. I have piles and boxes of 'stuff' all over the house. Nothing is marked and sometime this week I need to work on the next Brownie meeting.
Take it easy. Enjoy your week.

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