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Monday, September 17, 2007


I am so excited to see more people signing on to my BLOG! My computer wasn't cooperating with me this morning so I had to spend some time on the phone getting it worked out. But, here I am! Ok, I didn't BLOG over the weekend. Our big day was Saturday and Snoot & Snot both playing soccer. It was great ! Now, I am Catholic and we Catholics have alot of faith in our Blessed Mother and her ability to intervene for us. I tend to run to Momma Mary a lot. And now I have learned this short prayer. Mary, Take over. That's all you say. I repeated it several times Saturday morning then left it in her hands. Things went great. The boys had alot of fun and we pumped them up all weekend. Wonks did well in his football game as well and we all ended up at Mr. Gatti's. UGH! I so dislike that place. If the food was atleast good that would help. The worst part, I eat it anyway!
Hubby spent alot of time at the office this weekend but, that's ok. I was able to get the living room dusted and vaccuumed. The windows cleaned and I even cleaned out the telephone junk drawer. I worked on my Girl Scout stuff and actually accomplished a few things. I feel alot better about my meeting tomorrow. The kids rooms are total disasters but, I can just close their doors tonight. My Home Interiors party is at 63opm, come on by.
I made a grocery store run this morning after dumping boys, came home, unloaded, sat on the sofa for awhile and am now blogging. I need to get my dishes made for tonight and I guess sort laundry.
Take care.

Oh, Picture of the day.

Fall is coming soon. Pumpkin time is around the corner. YEAH!

This is Diva, Wonks, & Snot carving a pumpkin, October 2005.

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