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Monday, September 17, 2007


insert sound of Amy hyperventilating then breathing rapidly into paper bag.
Diva's Third grade homework is going to eat my lunch. I have been so use to one math page, that she'd whiz through, spelling words that she didn't have any problems with, and a little reading. Ok, now she is using some kind of foreign language when discussing math, her spelling has gone down the drain, she had a library book for over a week the other week but, some how managed to hit her AR goal last week.
Wonks brought home a note Friday because he hit a kid. He didn't like what the kid said. He also was in trouble for arguing with the teacher. She said don't run in the hall, he said he was skipping and began to explain that skipping was ok.
Snoot & Snot were demons on a mission during the science enrichment class today. M-T-W they stay til 1:30 and on M&W they go to science class. Snot head butted the teacher and Snoot was running circles around the room. The director is so sweet and says "This isn't working out well. I think they may not be ready for enrichment class."
I discussed this with Snot's speech therapist and she gave me some pointers that I think will help both boys. The last few times they were in the big room it was to play. So we think they are confused with this whole sit down and be quite thought. I'm going to try Lindsey's suggestions and see where it gets us.
Then at WTRC Snot does well in Speech, Snoot goes to therapy for his arm. After I visit with Lindsey I got to the OT pediatric gym. Snoot's therapist had another patient so Snot's OT therapist has both boys. OH NO! I wasn't thinking! As luck would have it Amanda and the boys had the gym to themselves. But, still, oh my! One of Snot's favorite things is what I call the Rodeo barrel. You know like the clowns jump in at the rodeo but, on smaller scale. Snot goes in head first, Snoot follows right after. I come in and try to distract Snoot for awhile. Then as we are leaving Snot goes diving back in the barrel, Amanda bends over to go after him and Snoot starts to jump on Amanda! She said he didn't kick her but, I don't believe her. I think I owe Amanda, big time!
Ok, well, just needed to share. I best go help Diva with homework. OH GOSH! Wonks got his ladybugs today and just came in to ask if they have calmed down yet. The note said to put them in the fridge for 30 minutes. We did, that was perhaps a little more than 30 minutes ago.....

Ok, I'm back. The lady bugs are fine. And don't be fooled. They may be perfectly still when pulled out of the fridge but, it doesn't take long at all for them to come alive. And did I learn my lesson the last time? No, ofcourse not. We tried transferring them in the kitchen. Most made it into the jar. If you come to the Home Interiors party tonight and feel something crawling up your arm or across you neck. Don't panic. It's probably just a lady bug.
Well, time to go.

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