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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

They are Killing Me!

Slowly but surely my children are killing me. Diva has been having a tough time sleeping. For the past 2-3 weeks she has been coming into our room almost every night. She is way too tall and getting too big to sleep with us. She thrashes around like a fish out of water. Snoot started having bad dreams around 3am. I spent some time in their room. Then, this is too funny, Wonks mumbled something from the bottom bunk and Snoot answered him "I know. Me too! Snot's fault."
Snot was up at 6:20am, way too early for a little boy. I'm very very tired. I was thinking I'll just come home after dropping all the kids, sort laundry and chill all morning. NOT.
The kitchen is a wreck.(Check your word from the herd e-mail. You'll understand why it was left that way last night.) I remember I have to check on hanging GS Rally posters at school (can't do that in my pajamas.) OH, and Snoot has rehab at 1pm and Diva & Wonks have check ups at 3:00pm. Shoot! I need to send notes to school.
Gotta go.

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