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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Found a new Ticker!

Ok! I have been wanting to add a weight loss/more exercise ticker to my blog. Ride a Bike! nay....need a bike. Walk the Dog! nay......need to be smarter than the dog and the Dog walks me! Step Arobics! nay......hate to sweat. Curves! much effort. TRAMPOLINE! Ok, I'm going to bounce my way into my Easter Dress. Yes, I said Easter Dress, now Easter is March 23, 2008. Did you know that? I got this real pretty dress out of the garage sale I had a few weeks ago with my friends. The ultimate goal is to have it be too big and need taking in. It is a 'slip' dress, with wide straps, and a jacket. I foolishly looked at the size and thought no problem. It might be a bit tight but, not too bad. OH MY GOSH!!!! I barely got it past my huge hips. Zip it up?!? Are you joking! It now hangs in the front of my closet. I am going to take a picture of it and hang it on the fridge, the cabinet door to the candy, and I'll post it on the Blog.
Now, how many 'bounces' will it take? Who knows. The first time I've been on the trampoline since Spring was yesterday. My niece was here and we took her out and sat on the trampoline. So, we'll see. I just thought that since I look at my Blog more than anything it would be a friendly reminder to see that ticker everyday.
So keep an eye on it and let's see how well I do by Christmas! Shoot, let's say Thanksgiving. How about ....It's a little over 3 weeks til Thanksgiving, 25 days, so.... 25 - 20 minute jumping workouts by Thanksgiving.
Yeah! A goal!
Hope you had a great Weekend.
Jumpin' Momma'

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