Christmas 2013

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Sunday we attended the Fall Festival for Angelo Catholic Schools. Diva decided to wait and wear her costume just on Halloween. I'm thinking we should do mask for all our family photos. Hubby was standing behind me telling them to smile. I could hear the twins saying Cheeeezzzeeee.
Snot carved a pumpkin in his OT therapy on Monday. You only have a Jack-O-Lantern if you have circle eyes, a rainbow nose and a zig zag Ha-Ha mouth. All pumpkins that cross Snot's path must have this criteria. DO NOT try to make your face any other way or you will be sent back to the pumpkin patch for another pumpkin. Got it!? The rules are very clear.
Tomorrow is deliver sodas and 3 dozen cupcakes to Diva and Wonks school, Trunk or Treat at Snoot and Snot's school, lunch with my Troop Cookie Mom, Teacher conference for Diva, then Trick or Treating with Grandma, Aunt B, and G.
I am decorating Rocket (formerly known as Big Red Truck) with Red and Black decorations and Double T theme. The Trunk or Treat should be fun. Yesterday I volunteered my vehicle to take kids to the Pumpkin Patch. I had Snoot, Snot, a friend of Snots and two little girls. It was fun.
So it's off to bed. Have Great Halloween!

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