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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Spike the Cat!

Ok, Spike the Cat had surgery. I know.....I know....... $$$ for surgery on a cat's leg that would maybe/probably...heal fairly well without surgery. The Vet gave me all the pros and cons, ifs and buts, cost and savings....... Ultimately We decided. There's that infamous We again. When given the whatever you decide is fine, ultimatum, I decided to go for it. This way I only have to try and keep him still for about 2 weeks. Now after my experience with Snoots broken arm I know this isn't an easy task. However, I couldn't stuff Snoot in a cage with a little water and leave him. Oh how I tried....... Anyway, I just didn't think it was fair to bring Spike home and expect him to stay still and the kids leave him alone and hope his leg would heal on it's own. The doctor put these nylon type bands around the bone to hold it back together. Thankfully it wasn't a break like Snoot's.
Well, Snot is harrasing me to play Pumpkin Patch mix and match game. I have to be thankful that it took til age 4 1/2 for them to get computer savy. Wonks was on the computer at age 3.
Now it is getting hard to look at the computer with Snot pulling my head down to shake Yeeeessss......
Spike will stay at the Vet over the weekend and I will get him on Monday.
TAke Care....xoxoxo The HERD!

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