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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Halloween Recovery

Well I think I have finally recovered from Halloween. I decorated the Big Red Truck and participated in the Trunk or Treat at Snoot and Snots school. Texas Tech Theme! Duh.........

Snot receiving candy from Bacon. This van was so cute! They had a spooky breakfast. The Mom was a fried egg and the dad was bacon. They served their candy out of a frying pan!

Snoot discussing candy choices with the Wizard of Oz scarecrow.

That evening we went to Miles for Trick or Treating with Grandma, Aunt B, and G. G didn't have much desire to sit for a picture.

We collected popcorn balls from the Opera House.

We went house to house collecting goodies. At 7:30pm we attended Mass with the family. November 1st is All Saints Day. I was nervous about this. I didn't have much faith that my kids would behave. But, they did! We had to make a few trips to the bathroom but, in their defense they hadn't peed since we'd left our house at 5:30p. I didn't even think about taking them before Mass. We went back to Aunt B's house, took baths and changed into sleepers for the ride home. Then started our sugar binge the next day.

This picture truly doesn't do the mess justice. I just really like this picture of Snot. I love the clarity I can create on Adobe Photoshop. The kids had BLACK gum balls! Where did they get BLACK gumballs?!? Oooppss..... I think those where in a bag I bought........ Anyway they took a buck of them outside and chowed down. No, I didn't realize they were doing this. I was blowing acorns off the driveway.

Hope you had an ooky spooky Halloween! Thanksgiving is right around the corner! 19 more days to the biggest shopping day of the year! This has become a real social event for me.

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Federico Medina Jr. said...

Awesome! What a neat way to spend Halloween! It is Rockwell picture of Smalltown USA and I love it! This is why I live in West Texas. Thank you for sharing.