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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Why We Volunteer

Ok, I have the answer. Recently Hubby was telling me I needed to slow down on the volunteering and extra activities I keep getting into. A friend dropping off her son at the preschool was making the same comment. She too had just gotten in 'trouble' with her hubby about over volunteering.
WELL~!~ Today during my errand running I thought "This is why I volunteer. It keeps me out of the checkout line." I spend way to much time just running over here for thus n' such. Because the 20.00 thus n' such always turns into a 40 minute stay in the store and 100.00 worth of thus n' suches I probably totally don't need.
Example: Return items. Get back 75.00. Need hot dogs, buns, sodas, jelly, shampoo, soap. 45 minutes later I have hot dogs, buns, sodas, jelly, cheese, place mates, Cheers glasses for Snoot, shampoo, soap, Christmas Welcome mat, light bulbs, and a prelite Christmas Tree!
See the problem. I'm just lucky I did have some self control. I didn't get the box of ornaments or picture frame I really liked. And I had to get going to pick up the twins.
Ok now for a funny! I was looking at extension cords, timers, etc....... Got what I wanted and went to the shampoo aisle. "Why is my basket wheel messed up now." Get to shampoo, put it in basket. Go to soap aisle. "What is up with this crazy basket?" Get soap put it in the basket. "What is this? White lite deer? Boxes of lights?" Hey! This isn't my basket! It was back in the aisle with the lights! I got a kick out of it. The people who saw me go back and exchange the crazy basket for mine thought I was a bit off my rocker. but, I got a good laugh out of it. I was just glad it dawned on me before I was clear across the store. I don't think the crazy basket belonged to anybody but, I left it where I think I found it.
Time to get Diva and Wonks. Snoot and Snot are itchin' to put up the tree. It is for their room.

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