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Friday, November 9, 2007

Let the Weekend BEGIN!

Friday is HERE!
How was your Friday? Want to hear about mine?!?
Hubby woke me up at 5:45a. We had nice alone time together til Snot came in at 6:20a. Normal get up! Get Up! GET UP! get ready for school! Get Ready for School! GET READY! morning. Got Diva and Wonks to school. Snot decided he didn't want to take off his new SpongeBob sleepers. Finally talked him into changing pants but, no go on the shirt. Ok. Fine. Then he started carrying around the pictures of Hubby's parents. Who's this? Who!?! on and on.......... Crash! Dropped the frame in the hall. Luckily the glass didn't break just the frame. Found new frame because we must take the pictures to school! Papa has the same name as Snot's middle name. Must share this news with the world! Get to school loaded down with our riding paraphernalia. Today is tric-a-thon day. Once Snot sees the plethora of wonderful bikes, his run over, dog chewed on bike and scooters pale in comparison. So we unload all of them, 3 scooters and a bike. Snoot is going to wear the red helmet and ride the red scooter. Snot hasn't decided yet. I run errand to GS house. Pick up patches, collect info sheets, ask about nuts. When will we get our Fall nuts in? Don't you have yours? NO! They came in last week. AUUGGHH!!! Call my 'person'. Leave message on cell phone. Entertain staff with Herd stories. Be entertained by a fellow Mom's wonderful morning. Go by my 'person's' store. She won't be back til TUESDAY! Talk to lady I left my order with. The other troops picked up nuts on Sunday! No nuts in the back! Will give my 'person' the message. Now, I know my person real well. She is great and organized. I am really worried that since I left my order a few days early than the deadline date, and didn't give it to her directly, it was misplaced. Not getting my order isn't too terrible. The girls will have to tell their people what happened but, we haven't collected $$ yet, so that is good. BUT, the girls won't get the profit we were counting on.
I had already had about 6 cups of coffee. And my cups aren't any wimpy little cups. They are more like MUGS. In my nut induced trauma I was on my way to the trik-a-thon when I remembered I hadn't signed Diva up for basketball. Turned around. Then a little voice (I'm assuming it was the voice hyped up on caffeine) said "You can still register next week. Right now you need a Mocha Frappacino. You haven't been to Starbucks since early September." You're right. This is totally a Starbucks moment" Do you know that Starbucks has the Peppermint Mochas now!!! Yeah! I get my super big Peppermint White Mocha and go to the trik-a-thon. Standing in the heat in my jeans and tennies I remember why I wanted a Frappacino and not a coffee. I could feel the sweat running down my back and legs. I helped at the event til my boys rode. By the time they were done it was 12n and time to take them home. The rest of the afternoon was fairly smooth. Well, except for the part where I had to start Laundry. (If you're new to the blog. I hate Laundry!) And Snot dumped a chocolate milkshake on the living room floor. Nasty but, hey, the motive right now is to gross out the living room as much as possible so Hubby will call a contractor to start remodeling. The problem comes when he makes statements like "It's not worth it to remodel and make things nice around here. You kids will just destroy it." I guess I will have to resort back to plan A and take a sledge hammer to the bathroom foundation. Ok, getting off track.
Thought - Recommendation - Question - Do you have pictures of your extended family around the house? Do you change out your pictures often? I have several pictures of my parents and grandparents on the wall in the hall and in our room. The living room pictures above the windows are all of Tom and Mines parents and siblings and their families. We are lucky to have several areas for putting table top pics. I get cheaper frames and pack framed pictures away with decorations. Right now we have out pics of kids in pumpkin patches, Halloween costumes and in pumpkins. Yes, In the pumpkins. They love seeing them. And like today, Snot with the pics of his grandparents. The pictures were of them in their early 30's. He was so proud of the pictures. He never met his Papa and Mima died when the twins were not yet 3 years old. So here is my suggestion. Change out your pictures with the seasons. Make copies of your favorite pictures of your parents, grandparents, etc... and put them out. Get cheapy frames the kids can hold and play with. Put plexi glass in the frame if you are worried about them breaking the glass.
Ok. Here are my pictures of the day.
Now remember Snot didn't want to take off the SpongeBob shirt. He decided he didn't want to ride the Spiderman scooter or the red bike. He chose..........

Yes, he chose the Princess scooter. Yes, I am the proud mother of the kid in the SpongeBob Sleeper shirt, wearing the black helmet with barbwire etched around the edges, riding the Princess scooter. And to think I am still naive enough to put things like "Mother of the Herd" "Wonk's Mom" on the back of my team shirts. You can either laugh at your life or hide under the bed. Most days it's best to just go with the flow and see where you wash up!

Snoot enjoyed the ride too! He started on the red scooter but, then changed to the bike. He was flying so fast I had to change my shutter speed after this picture!

Ok, well it is offically time for me to leave the computer. I just got a pop up message that I won my e-bay bid. Oops. What am I bidding on? I better check it out before Hubby takes over the computer. That along with the fact I just realized I have emptied a bottle of wine........, by myself......... It's a short skinny bottle, but it's doing it's job. My fingers are going numb and the wheels on the bikes in the pictures are beginning to move.......

Love you alllllll! Thank you for checking in. Please leave comments even if it's nothing more than a Hi! I'd love to see it. This will confirm that the 746 some odd hits aren't just Freddy, Margie and I! Hey, this is fun. Go get a glass or two of wine and try to type on the computer!!!!!!

To my defense, it has been a week! I am in my own home and not driving. and Plssttt........

See ya' later...... I'm off to the e-bay site!!!!!!!! Hubby stop me if you can!>!


Margie said... nuts?? It's all good..don't sweat it. We so need to have a bottle of wine together:)

Margie said...

check out my site, i finally added some new pics and such...bye