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Thursday, November 8, 2007


Ok, it has been a week. Let's see........... We have had parent conferences. Diva's was on the 31st and Hubby and I both went. She is doing well. She likes Math. She is making good grades but, Bless her heart she has inherited my grammar and spelling abilities or lack of.
Sunday evening there was a pipe break on a big water line. Hubby left at 6:30pm and didn't return home til about midnight. Wonk's conference was Monday morning. I attended it by myself. He is doing super well. He knows most all his sight words, all his letters. He is doing well with numbers. He had S-satisfactory, in all the items he was tested on. He is doing well behaviorally too. It's terrific! Mrs. C said that he is even spelling well. All this was just total confirmation that we made the right decisions in his education.
Snoot and Snot are doing well too. They have been getting on each others nerves more lately but, I guess that is to be expected.
We had a Girl Scout meeting Tuesday and OH MY ! Our troop sleepover is next weekend. What are we going to do? I duh-know? It's not til November, right?!? Last night I got my books out and think I have come up with some fun stuff.
Spike the cat is doing well after his surgery, 2 weeks ago. Thanks to Diva's nursing he hasn't been allowed out of his box much. She has made sure he gets his medicine twice a day too.
I have stumbled on to a fun little part time/when I can, job. I volunteered to help the photographer who took fall portraits at the boys school the other week. He was thankful for the help and asked if I could help at other schools. He comped my package for the help I provided that morning. Well Tuesday night he called and needed help on Wednesday and Thursday this week. He was ok with me not being able to show up til 9am both days and having to leave today at 10a. It is fun. Some of these little kids are scared to death. Others are a hoot. You never know what will get them to smile. At the twins' school we couldn't get this little boy to smile no matter what. Then his teacher said 'Say Cheese'. He did and it was sooooo cute. Sometimes you get way to fake a smile to try Cheese. My job is mostly to sit them on a box, fix their legs, tilt the head and get out of the way. Then bounce in whenever there are apples (part of the props) flying, chins ducking, and heads tilting. This helps cut down on how long it takes because Gregg doesn't have to keep getting up and down. That and I am chief flash counter! How many flashes does it take to get the perfect shot!?!
Anyway, it is fun and I'll hopefully make a few bucks to blow in Vegas. Hubby and I are planning another December trip this year with our friend. Quick 2 night trip. Since we have been there before we know what we'd like to see again, were we'd like to eat, and the places we most like to gamble. I plan on checking out a hotel spa this trip.
Hope you have had a great week. Thanksgiving is 2 weeks away! Are you ready?!?

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