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Friday, November 30, 2007

Viewers, Trees, Hot Dogs!

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Last night the preschool took a field trip to the Christmas Tree Farm in Christoval. We had a blast! Hubby stayed home because he gets very choked up around trees. SO! Grandpa decided to make the trip with us. Bless his heart! We had a terrific turnout of families. There were kids and parents everywhere. The Herd was there in full force.
We get there. Carry all our stuff over to the fire pit area. "Put your coats on." "NO!" Snoot doesn't like wearing a coat. So Grandpa steps in and tries to help him. Meanwhile the other three have headed to the hay stack. I follow. I look over and Snoot is crying and fussing. When they make it over to me, "What's your drama?" "Oh, he picked up a hot coal from the fire." "Good Grief." I get into the ice chest for some ice. It must not have been too terrible. After a little ice and a kiss he was good to go. We made a Farmer, learned about the trees, ordered a Fresh Candy Cane to put outside. Now when I want to smell Christmas Tree I'll just go on the porch and sniff the cane. We roasted hotdogs, took pictures, climbed on hay. Poor Diva, we missed the last hay ride. She and I were busy in the gift shop when they started making s'mores. We get out there to see all the boys eating s'mores. Diva got a marshmallow roasted. more chocolate or graham crackers. She was fairly distressed. But, I reminded her next week she get to go to a cool Girl Scout light looking, s'more making, song singing event.
Ok, one more thing. Because I think this is very funny. While in the gift shop it came up in conversation that I have twins. There was a lady in there and she was kind of laughing at me and looking at me with a kind of puzzled look. Saw her later around the fire and she noticed I"m Wonk's mom. Oh, hey Son look, it's Wonks. It turns out her son is in Mrs. Cal's Kindergarten class at Wonk's school and the boys know each other. Then she said "You mentioned twins is Wonks a twin?" "No, these are the twins." Amazed look. Begins seeing Diva.....Wonks......Snoot.....Snot. Oh, my! You have FOUR? And all so close in age. "Yes, we had 4 kids in 3 1/2 years." Light dawns. Look of "Oh! Now, I see. That explains alot. You're excused." She was fun and someone new to tell the story of the Birth of the Herd.
Well. the twins are ready for school. I am to volunteer at the Library today. I'm going to try and get a new suitcase at JcPenny's. Come home pack, prepare the truck for a trip. Leave for San Antonio after school. Whew....think I'll make it?
Check in later to see a report of the trip!
xoxoxo Amy

Diva roasting her marshmallows.

Snoot recovered after the finger burn. Posing with the Farmer.

Diva, Snot, Snoot, Wonks.

God Bless Grandpas. Grandpa helps Snoot roast a hot dog.

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Anonymous said...

I try to check in every day in an effort to keep up with your sweet little family. The Herd has more comings and goings than anyone I've ever known. Love to you all! Nancy