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Thursday, November 8, 2007

insert pic of me with jaw dropped!!

Cabbage Patch Kids! Tickle Me Elmo!!!!!! IPod!!! IMax!!! IIIIIIIIIII AAAAAMMMMM Screwwwwwwweeeddddd!!!!!!
Sorry. Whew. I feel better. No I Don't!!!!! AAAAUUUGGGGHHH!!!!
What am I going to do!?! What am I going to do!?!

Ok, now you are asking "What in the world is wrong with this girl (yes, I am allowed to take liberties. This is my blog and I can be a 'girl' if I want to.)
Little Einsteins Pat Pat Rocket. This is my Cabbage Patch doll, my Elmo...... my drama. Have I seen this toy in the stores. NO.
I have looked online. Toys R Us doesn't even show it. Target says if I give them my e-mail they will notify me when it is available. has it. $79.99! AAUUUGGGHHHH
E-bay has several. They range from 40.00 to 70.00. And every listing says Hard to Find.
Now, I realize I may be prematurely over reacting. But, when I tell you this is a gift for Snot perhaps the drama and severity of the situation will sink in! This kid saw the commercial for this toy in AUGUST! And silly me I said 'That sounds like a great gift to ask Santa for." Stupid....Stupid.....Stupid..... We spent the next 3 days answering the question about when is Christmas, every 20 minutes. I don't exaggerate. Now he just brings it up about 10 times a week. Now, he has had some major break throughs. He got a haircut at Sports Clips. He only got me twice with a kick to the kidneys when I tried to last clip his toe nails. this is big...... He let me look at a splinter in his finger Sunday evening. He did kick and flail around for a good little bit, but after about 5 minutes he was able to regroup himself, calm down, and gave me his hand to look at the small splinter in his finger. He let me use the tweezers and everything. BIG! His OT therapist was thrilled!
Ok, so back to Rocket. I don't think I can bear it if he doesn't get this for Christmas. Santa has to help me pull this one out. SO! If you have seen this toy, let me know. Preferably closer to the $30.00 range if possible.
Snoot says he wants one too! They are working on learning to share and that they won't always get the same thing. But, in this case I won't risk it. I need TWO!
Ok. I need a bath and was just stalling. Because I need to work on GS Sleepover too. I was paying for a cute cute Christmas sweater I got Audrey on e-bay when I decided to checkout the toys. OH! If you or someone you know, likes the Disney/Pixar shorts they show at the beginning of their movies you might want to pick up the new DVD that has them all combined on one DVD. The chess playing old men, the blue birds on the telephone wire, the snowman trying to get into the snow globe, Jack Jack Attack, The dancing lamb and jackalope. Hubby loves these so it will make a great gift for him.
Wait til you see what I got him for his birthday. I won't ruin the surprise. Wait for the picture next week.
See....stalling..... Good Night.
xoxoxoxo Mother on the Search for the Rocket........

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