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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Trip Report

Thank you to all who have been clicking in to get the scoop on the big trip. Sorry I am just now getting it entered. We had a nice trip. A bit rocky at times but all in all good.
We left a bit later than planned. Discovered on edge of town that the DVD screen had been cracked at some point and was unviewable. Then Hubby asked "Did you close the electrical box?" "Snot! No." Have to turn around. We decide to go through Fredricksburg. See the lights. Experience the town. Eat in a neat restaurant. Pull into town about 6:30p. Main highway through town blocked off for parade. COOL! need to pee, it is drizzly and a bit yucky weather, we're hungry, if we watch parade then have to fight crowd for food. Kids are getting cranky, decide to eat and go. Leaving town we start out the wrong direction and have to go back into town and get on correct road. Road is dark. "We are soooo lost...." this is Snot with a bit of panic in his voice. We enjoyed singing Christmas carols and listening to Daddy sing along with his favorites. As we arrive into San Antonio Diva begins reading out signs. "Nice Rack. What's that?" I look up to see she has read a sign over a gentleman's club and begin to crack up. Hubby explains that a rack is like the horns on a deer. "Like the deer Uncle Wayne has in his office." "Oh, it's a store for Uncle Wayne." I totally loose it and begin laughing uncontrollably.
Arrive at our Drury Hotel. Kids get sleeper sofa and cushion bed in living area. Wonks lays down and promptly get sick. "Probably just car sickness." I say with hope in my voice. 30 minutes later "Mommy! Help me!" Still, probably just car sickness, said with less conviction. 2:00am - MOM! Wonks is barfing again! He's sick. However when they were all up at 7am things were fine. He felt great and ready to go. So we did. We enjoyed a terrific breakfast-complimentary with the room - waffles/eggs/toast/doughnuts/cereal/sausage/whole 9 yards. We ate amongst many OU and Missouri fans. Then off to the new Bass Pro Shop. The kids were all over the boats. They were like an ant farm on Red Bull. At times it was hard to tell if we'd brought in 4 kids or 8! We looked at fish, played the shooting game, distracted Mom away from the clothes, climbed the stairs and visited Santa and all his reindeer. Do I have a picture of the entire 'herd' of reindeer pulling the sleigh? No. Why? Well, I had the kids by them for a picture. Snot insisted on standing by Rudolph. Ok, everybody move down. Took the picture then it was off to Santa. Snot was so cute. Every Christmas Tree he came to he would pick up a present, shake it a little, close his eyes and say "I wish...I wish.. for Little Einstein Rocket."
Well. It is late and I have more to report but, just no energy. Apparently Wonks did have a bug. Snot was sick in the truck last night, Gross! And Snoot was sick all morning, better tonight. But, I'm bushed and have a busy day tomorrow. I'll get back to you soon.

I wish! I wish for Little Einstein Rocket!

Rudolph! The whole set up was really wonderful. I can't believe I missed a picture of it. However, I notice that Diva had her camera. Maybe she got one. Notice the frown on Snoot's face? He kept that frown for several pictures. Even the $15.00 one I bought of them with Santa! The other 3 looked good so I went with it. The line was backing up and I told the ladies working there "Three out of Four looking good. Go for it!"

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