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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Trip Report Part II

Ok, it is late, again. But, I wanted to share some more of my notes from our trip.
We left the Bass Pro Shop around 11:45 and headed downtown. We parked in the River Center Mall garage. We were hungry and the kids wanted to find the Rain Forest Cafe. Taking a walk through the Menger Hotel we showed the kids the big tree we took a picture in front of Christmas 2003, with MiMa. Hubby showed the kids the saloon where Teddy Roosevelt recruited several of his Rough Riders. Diva was looking in the display case and saw a picture of Teddy R. Oh, he's the guy from Night at the Museum. Before I had time to comment on too much tv she said " I guess that's why he was in the Museum." So, I think she gets it. Next year will be fun when she studies Texas History in school. We leave the hotel and go across the street to the Alamo. As we round the wall of the Alamo we see several big trucks and tents. "Carnival!" Why would they have a carnival or something like this set up in front of the Alamo on a big weekend like this. "OH SNOT!" " College Game Day!" We watch this every Saturday and Hubby has it set to record on the DVR every weekend. DUH! They were here for the big OU vs Mizzou game (Yes I know Missouri is spelled with s's not z's. Tell that to the University of Missouri. Anyone out there know why they spell it this way? Let me know.) Anyway, we missed the filming on the show. I can't believe it. We were finally in a town where they were filming and we totally blew it. However we did get this picture. A crewman working on a satellite truck offered to take the picture for us.
We made it to the Rain Forest Cafe and enjoyed a half decent meal with the elephants and Gorillas. The alligator(fake) in the pond near the front door scared the pee out of me. Snoot was most happy they had Chocolate Milk and Mom and Dad got drinks in sparkly glasses. The waiter takes a look around our table. Ask Hubby if he wants a drink. When he says Yes he thinks he will the waiter flips to a page and points at a fancy drink and says "This is our strongest one." Hummmmmm.......doesn't he know it's the Mom that needs the strongest drink, not the Dad! I got something fruity with less alcohol in a glass that sparkled. Snoot wanted a Boom Cake. A volcano looking cake with ice cream on top and a sparkler. We passed this time.
Ok. Well I'm getting over wordy and tired. Ending for now. MOre later.
Snoot still feeling poor today and stayed home from school and missed the Christmas Program tonight. Diva came home from the program and is now sick too. Yeah!
I organized, helped set up, a Baked Goods Silent Auction for the program tonight. We had roughly 30 items and made a little over $500.00. I was so excited! Snot was in the program and did great! At the auction I asked him what he wanted me to bid on. He looked at the stocking cake, the cupcake tower, the cookies, and chocolate cakes, pointed at the large loaf of sourdough bread and said "I want the BREAD!" Make a note: When eating out with the Herd don't sit next to Snot if you want a chance at the bread basket. Thanksgiving weekend we ate out with Tom's brother and his family. Tom never had a chance with the bread. Snot ate 3 rolls before Tom could blink.
Well pictures will have to follow later. Something is goofy and I'm too tired to figure it out.

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