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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Trip Report Part III. School Pagent

Well here is the promised picture. The Herd Raiders with their buddy Lou. There is family saying around Hubby's family. "Herd late but in Earnest." Tom's aunt visited Scotland and saw a battle monument. The Herd clan arrived a day late but were raring to fight. We didn't see the guys or the show but, were excited about the bus! Well, Mom and Dad were excited!
The rest of my notes from the trip read something like this. Kids get light wands at river side vendor then proceed to conduct the men playing on the steps of the food court area.
We leave to look at Christmas lights. Three kids are crashed before leaving downtown river area. Snot is awake and determined to get back to the Hotel Home. Hubby and I take a bad turn and end up where there aren't many lights. "Oohhhh! We're Lost! We'll never find the Hotel Home." much panic in the voice. So when we realized we only had one and a half kids looking. Snot wasn't totally interested unless they were the lights of the Hotel. Snoot was in and out and barely said wow.... So we headed back to the room. Where, thanks to their 30 minute plus nap, the kids were bouncing off the walls. Next morning we missed Mass time. So headed to The North Star Mall to run the kids out before leaving town. Not long after getting there we came across Build a Bear. Now, if you have watched a children's tv channel for atleast 10 minutes, you know they have Rudolph to stuff. This year is all about Rudolph, Stars, and mangers "Christ the Lord is Born." can be heard from Snot anytime he sees a Nativity. Pretty cool, huh? So! Rudolph! We finally convinced 3 of the 4 to wait til we were ready to leave and if they didn't find something else we'd come back. Snot had to be carried out screaming while sweet Grandmas looked about ready to open their wallets to get a Rudolph for the poor mistreated little boy. We looked around a bit more. Where hit with the "I want Rudolph!" cry every 15 minutes or more. They did get into seeing all the decorations but, ultimately wanted to head back to Build a Bear.
A stop at Kohls, new shoes for Diva, new jeans for boys, home to San Angelo by 6:30pm.
Diva has Clarice. Wonks has a husky dog. OH, excuse me a Snow Dog.
Did I mention that the boys did get their ride on the River? They were biting at the bit to ride a boat. We had a very proud citizen of San Antonio driving our boat. We wanted to wait til the river lights were on. So we headed to the line about 5:45ish. Just as we sat down on the boat and began pulling away from the dock CLICK the tree and bridge lights came on. The WOW in their faces was worth the complaining we had to endure to get there.
The PreSchool Christmas Program was great. Our Music Director, Mrs. Jeannie is awesome! Snoot was feeling poorly still and whiny. We made the executive decision to leave him home with Hubby. Diva came and at the reception/silent auction she started feeling bad. Hubby picked her up and she got sick later that night.
Anyway, Snot was in the program and oh so ever cute.

Ok, Snot is a big bread fan. When presented with all the other fancy desserts he wanted the loaf of sourdough bread. He was most proud of his bread.

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