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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Back to School

We are back to the grind stone. I am happy to report that I didn't fling them out of a moving vehicle this time. Diva called 10 minutes after I got home. She needed tennie shoes to go bowling for the AR reward. Not on the calendar, totally forgot. I had hubby drop them on his way to work. Snoot and Snot made it to school and were glad to be back with friends. I took Jack the Cat to the vet. Earlier last week Diva noticed a sore on her shoulder. "It will be fine. Cats get scratches all the time." I put a bit of ointment on it and forgot about it. Thursday she brings me the cat. Jack looks like a bramer cat. You know, the cows with the big hump on their neck. Forgot about it Friday til Diva ask late in the afternoon. "Yea, I guess I"d better get it looked at. I"ll take her Monday." Sunday afternoon the thing begins to leak and stink! Gross!! So I take her in yesterday. Leave her. Get a call at about 11am. I am in the produce section of HEB. The cat aspirated. I had no idea they would need to put her under to clean out the sore. She did fine, was waking up. They had her in a cage near the front. Next think they know she aspirated. She didn't throw up. We haven't told Diva yet. Tom and I made bets at lunch on how long it would take Diva to ask about the cat. We both thought it wouldn't be til she got home. She no more than got in the truck, to the back seat, turned around and asked about Jack before even sitting down. I called Tom in a panic. "Wait, We'll tell her when I get home." Well we didn't. We thought we'd take them to eat then come home and tell them. They didn't want to go out. Then they were playing so well together in the backyard. Supper. Baths. Late. Can't tell them right before bedtime. So, we'll try tonight. We can't keep telling her the cat has to stay at the vet.
I am fighting the urge to go get another cat to help ease the blow. I know it's crazy but, I feel so guilty. I'll ask at the vet when I go today to pick up the cage and collar. They feel bad too and a bit guilty. He's not charging me a dime. To top it all off I start Weight Watchers this week. I haven't lost a pound I just didn't like seeing the scale, to the right, sitting on 0.
Well. I needed to get that off my chest. We are having good weather right now. I"ll take the boys to school, go to the Girl Scout office to sign up for cookie booths, pick up milk, go to the bank and come home to start chores. YUCK!
Have a good Tuesday.

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Mythreesons said...

Ok two things.....#1 Who has an AR party on the Day they GO BACK TO SCHOOL FROM A TWO WEEK BREAK?????? Like parents are going to remember????? I can't remember to send library books back on a weekly basis much less remember to do something 2 weeks away. #2 What caused the cat to die???? I don't get why? Maybe side effects of the drugs or what? Yep Diva is going to have a hard time with it but, I agree you can't tell them before bedtime. Hope it goes well.