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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Saturday Update!

We were up and going at 6:15am! On a Saturday! The last official day to sleep til noon before school starts! Up at 6:15am! Diva got ready and she, Snot and I headed to the gym. She had her first ever basketball game at 8am. She did a terrific job warming the bench!
She did get to play a little. We were leading at half but, lost it in the third quarter. Six of the Eight girls on the team are returning. The other new girl with Audrey has played before. When Audrey did go out she look scared to death. But, she hustled and did well. She is good on defense. All the girls were a bit timid. From what I understand the teams at the YMCA, where we are, are a bit calmer. The Recreation Department plays for wins, tournaments, championships. It was a good experience for the girls and the coach. This is her first coaching job. She played college ball and is real good but, it is always a bit different in a loud gym against another team.
We played again at 2pm. Lost it too. Between the games we ate at Denny's. Came home and chilled. Tom and I took naps! Ate a snack and headed back to the game. After the 2pm game we came home and played outside. I took lights off the porch and out of the little tree. As I tippy toe on the top step of the inside step ladder I was asking myself "Did I use this step stool to put these up? Or did I get out the big ladder?" As the stool tips over and my arm gets scratched up on the tree and my left shin bangs against the tree and ladder the question was answered. "I guess I got them up that high with the big ladder." The worst part is I don't even have a decent bruise to photograph to share my stupidity. A couple of long scratches that barely take off an exfoliating layer of skin, a bit of swelling, and a faint blue color. It hurts alot worse than that! However, it isn't as bad as I thought it might be this morning.
I made beans and corn bread. Homemade, from scratch, use a recipe cornbread! AND it was good! The beans weren't 1/2 bad either. I think they would be better with fresh herbs. I'm thinking that this Spring I am going to put an herb garden in the front flower bed on the corner of the house. I am tired of trying to get flowers to look decent there. There is a nice little area in the back yard but, Buddy and Biscuit prove to be a problem in the back.
Well, I need a shower and it's time to get ready for church. Enjoy the pics.

Brotherly love while they watch big sis playing basketball!

Diva's trip to the nail salon.

Yes, Snot is stuck in a popcorn tin. Yes, he is uncomfortable and screaming. Yes, I took time to grab the camera. It's funny, admit it!

Diva is in there somewhere. I forgot I need to go into photoshop and lighten these pics.

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Mythreesons said...

Emily got beat too. They played a 7th grade team and a team from Midland! We went and watched her play at 2:00 and then stayed for the one at 5:00. They did good but it is a FULL ON tournament. Glad Diva did good and didn't pass out!