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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Dieting is FUN!

This is a new strategy I'm trying. In Mary Kay we are taught to be positive. When asked "How are you?" You respond "I'm Great!" even if you feel like semi-ok. So perhaps if I had a Dieting is FUN attitude instead of Dieting aauugghhh attitude, things might go better.

Yesterday I did real well staying on track. We even went to McDonald's last night! The kids were on a tag team let's see how long it takes before Mom cracks game yesterday. It didn't take long. Tom and I watched the wintery game between Green Bay and Seattle, in between taking turns napping. The kids were getting bored with each other, so we took a trip to Sams. Didn't buy anything. YEAH for us. Then to McD. We are in the middle of the month before payday. Checkbook looking a bit skinny. I had a Caesar salad with about 1 1/2 tbs of dressing. Good for me! I ended the day with three extra points! A Hershey miniature is one point. I grabbed a dark chocolate and headed to bed. That is the longest amount of time I have every taken eating a piece of chocolate. Once snuggled in bed with a book, movie, or crochet, I don't want to get out. So I was good. No tempting to run to the kitchen to finish off those 2 points with something not so good.

Diva had her first YMCA game yesterday. They have eight three minute quarters. Diva played two, no maybe three, anyway, she is a terrific defender. She is a bit timid when on offense. I remember playing in Jr. High. "Oh God, please don't let them throw the ball to me..." I tried all sports from pee wee basketball to track in high school. Jammed nearly every finger in basketball. couldn't get my feet and eyes and arms to coordinate enough to hit the ball in tennis. Volleyball? Well, I stunk at that in PE. We didn't have a school baseball team but, in PE. Well, have you ever seen Princess Diaries? There you go. That's me! Track! Oh My Gosh! Junior High I tried it. You can't tell now but, in Jr. High I was consider long legged. Hurdles were tried. HA!! Back jump? is that right? Run up to this poll in some kind of goofy 1/2 circle move then jump backwards over the poll. Anyway, use your imagination.
Let's try running long distance. OH GOD! How about the mile? OH GOD! It turns out I am as flat footed as a duck. But, I stuck with it seventh and eighth grade. Came home from running in the District track meet in McCamey in the sleet! "Ok, Mom. I've done it all. I QUIT!" Turns out I was better suited for the stage. My sports experience in high school was as Manager of the Basketball team. As a high school person I felt this was a really big job. I was in charge of the kit, stats, water, towels. Big job! Coming home from basketball practice Thursday night I was commenting to Diva that the things the coach was telling them was so much like what I heard our coach tell the girls.
" I didn't play but, I remember all the coaching." "What did you do?"
"I was Manager!" "What's that?"
"I was responsible for the books, water, first aid kit......"
She begins laughing uncontrollably. "What's so funny?"
" You were the Basketball Maid!"
"WELL! Just don't come to me if you twist your ankle and need it wrapped."
More hysterical giggles.

Now, where was I. Oh, yeah. Diva playing basketball. She did really well and had fun. They won 30 to 6. After half they took the score off the board. Either they didn't want to keep depressing the other team or the keeper got off track. We had a mom in the stands keeping stats.

It's getting late and time to get ready for church.

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Mythreesons said...

Yes dieting is fun....Spring Break is and jeans are coming.....summer is coming.....Repeat after me! "I will be skinny for these things" I dream no hugh dreams....I dream skinny dreams" LOL!!!!!!! My stomach is starting to think I have lost my mind!!!!! It just keeps growling and growling! Check out the blog for our basketball pics. The boys both won their games! They did so good!!