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Friday, January 11, 2008


Whew! That was fun. Can I have another break now?

I remember now why I was glad school was out for two weeks.

We don't have the mass intense homework like some houses. We are however getting geared up for the TAKS Test.

Tuesday Diva brought home a practice sheet of the reading portion of the test. We were given an info sheet on the process the kids are being taught on how to get the answers. What is a Book question? What is a Brain question? Read the article/poem/story/paragraph.... twice. blah...blah....blah.......Ok. So we are trucking along. Diva seems to have a pretty good grasp of the concept. She gets a bit over detailed when writing her 2-5 sentence summary(not a requirement of the test. Part of the study procedure.). She comes home Wednesday. "How'd we do?" "Incomplete." "WHAT!?" "Yeah, I forgot to color in the circle on one of the questions." AAUUGGHH>>>>>>We were so busy drawing pictures, Brain or Book, x out the ones that don't belong, find paragraph, underline, question number...........We Didn't Make Sure to Fill in The Circle Hicky Thingy to Show Our Answer!!! Ballet, Basketball practice, Skippers all started this week. Next week we will have Religion class starting up again. And everybody's favorite.....Girl Scout meeting!

Tuesday Wonks brings home a paper that gives way too much detail for me to want to read, on absencesses. I scan to bottom. William has 3 excused and 1 unexcused absence. We need to make an appointment with the PRINCIPAL to discuss this! ARE YOU KIDDING!

I came into the class and told the teacher the day William was home barking like a sick seal (early October). He had a croup attack and needed breathing treatments all day. I called the day he was hacking up his guts (November). Oh, no, they called me before I got a chance to call them. They wanted to know if he had chicken pox. The week before school let out I called and told them his eyes were glued shut with pink eye! We made it to school the next day. However because he missed some drops, he was puffy, red, and goopy on Friday. I kept him home. (The day before school let out for Christmas break.) Instead of calling or writing a letter, I did the next fun thing. I told Tom.

Well, we made it 3 1/2 years at the school before Tom had a meeting with the Principal. Honeymoon is over. And they haven't even gotten the full Herd effect. Yet! That starts in August when the twins begin Kindergarten!

Seriously, we laugh at all the crazy paper and time consuming work that is required now. I won't even go into the drama of selling GS cookies. I have given it a couple of days on the absence note. I will call Monday and set up the appointment. I am totally not a detail person. So I didn't read all the letter. Lots of Texas Law stuff quoted. It is a standard form that is probably filled out on everybody when they have 3 or more absences.

Last night I started Weight Watchers! My Bestest Friend JJ, her mother-in-law, and I went to the 5:45p meeting. JJ walks in the door, steps on the scale and losses 10lbs! Her scale at home weighs her 10 lbs heavier. Wish I was so lucky. I was hoping mine was weighing me a bit heavy. I was right that it is off a few pounds. In The Wrong Direction! I am 4 lbs heavier than my scale was telling me. I am totally not at a good place. So today I tried to be very good. I was...til.....Supper.... I made Rosella's Stew. Now, I put all the ingredients in the computer recipe builder online. One serving is 4 points. Not bad. I had two servings.

Hey! I had 14 point left of my 22 I started the day with.

The kicker came when I just had to have a biscuit with my stew. FOUR POINTS for a Grands Buttermilk biscuit. I had 2. Then I had a piece of bread, another 2 points. I did take my vitamin, ate some raw carrots, and started drinking water. I am usually a pretty good water drinker when I have to be. But, my legs and buttocks are still hurting so bad (unloading cookies, remember?). How does hurting butt have anything to do with drinking water? Well, when you drink water you have to pee. When you pee you have to sit down. Do you know how far down the toilet is when your thighs and buttocks are in major pain? Very far! Do you know how cold and hard that seat is on a buttocks that feels like it just bounced down 3 flights of stairs? Very Cold and Hard, let me tell you.

So I'll try to do better tomorrow. Having to tap into some of my 35 weekly bonus points wasn't fun.

Have a Great Weekend! Or hope you had a Great Weekend, depending on when you read this.

God Bless. I'd love to hear from ya'

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Mythreesons said...

Hey we have been there too with the whole absence thing with Aaron. We didn't have to go meet with the commander and chief though. I think that's because we go to a school where none of the parents show up for anything anyway. I called them and talked to them and they said they are required by law to send the letter. Oh well, who cares!!!! I was doing pretty good on the whole diet thing also until I figured out one little bitty cresent roll is 3 point and I ate two before I looked it up! Then last night I had two cheese sticks from Joe's before I looked them up. 10 points for 2! Ick!!!!!!!!!! I'm in to 13 bonuse points on cresent rolls and cheese sticks!!!!!! Who would have thought!