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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Doing Ok.

We told the kids yesterday. Tom came home right at 5:00p. He called Diva in and told her she needed to go with Mommy to pick up a new friend. She was puzzled. "Mommy got us a new kitty." "Oh.....Why?" He looks at me. Swallows hard. "Welllll....Jack isn't coming home." She is stunned and not sure how to react. Tom tells her that the doctors were able to clean up her sore but there were complications with the medicine they gave her. WOW! I totally would have blown it. I tend to go on and on and on....... I know, hard to believe.
We brought kitty home and the boys were in awe. They followed Diva around. "Oh, Kitty!" " Wow Diva! Where'd you get that kitty?" "Can I hold him?" "Put him down."
Diva explained to Wonks that Jack wasn't coming home. He was upset but not overly bothered. Snoot and Snot, haven't even asked about Jack. They are busy torturing the new kitty.
Kitty was still very drugged when we brought him home. He couldn't hold his head up or even walk without falling over every third step. My friend JJ said that is probably the best way to be when introduced to the Herd. Drugged. We figure Kitty is relieved this morning to realize there are only 4 kids and not 8, sense he was probably seeing double last night.
I'm not going to tell you Kitty's new name. You have to guess by voting in the poll to the left. These are the names the kids were picking from last night.
While typing this post I could hear the twins giggling hysterically in the living room. I took this video of them torturing, I mean, playing with the new kitty.


I go today to pick up Girl Scout Cookies!!!! We will begin selling on January 19th! Let me know your favorites so I can be sure to have them on hand!


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