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Thursday, January 10, 2008

What have we been doing?

Welllllll.......I don't know. I have entered Cookie Brain and can not think of anything else.
Yesterday I met my cookie mom and my co-leader. We picked up 404 cases of cookies. That is 4,848 boxes of cookies! We took them to Cookie Mom's house and sorted them out per girl. I brought home 52 cases for Diva and I to sell. I have been working on the calendar to schedule Cookie Booths around basketball games.
Today I was back at Bible Study!! YEAH!!! I missed my people. I had to leave early to pick up the twins. Snoot and Snot had DDS appointments today. I was worried. They were excited then as we neared the office they decided "No. Our teeth all clean. We don't need to go." I convinced them to go inside. Then after a bit Snoot decided "Oh. I like Mrs. Jackie. My teeth are dirty. I'll get my teeths cleaned." He agreed to go first because Snot was still not so sure. Jackie let Snot and I come in too and watch Snoot get his teeth counted and cleaned. He was great! He does have a small cavity starting on a baby tooth that will probably still be with him for several years. So we scheduled a filling. Then it was Snots turn. He was terrific! I was so very very proud of him. I can't wait to tell Ms. Amanda at Rehab. She'll be thrilled.
I captured a few photos of the event.

Snoot was first in the chair. The sunglasses help break down the brightness of the exam light.

He was very good while Jackie worked.

Snot's turn! He liked the suction part the best.

Show us those pearly whites!

Snoot lends a helping hand. "It's ok Snot. Breath. It's just good for you."

I have about 30 minutes before the mad rush rush begins. Pick up Wonks at 2:45p. Diva is at Skippers (jump rope activity with the PE teacher at school.) from 3p-4:15p. Pick up Diva and take her to Ballet at 4:30p. Pick up at 5:30p and take to basketball practice. Go to first weight watchers meeting at 5:45.

Yes I decided to join weight watchers and do the meetings and online program. The online stuff is really great. You just plug in what you are eating and it figures the points. I did it once before and lost about 12-15 lbs. This time I am going to add the meetings and go with my friend JJ. Several factors are playing into this. Least of which is being compared to John Travolta in drag!

Diva received the Hairspray DVD for Christmas. While watching it there is a song that goes something like "Hey Momma, Go Momma, Welcome to the 60's......" If you are familiar with the movie you know that John Travolta plays the Mom. A 'big' lady who doesn't like to go out in public because she's overweight. When you walk into the room where your kids are watching and one of your adorable twins says "Look Mom. It's you!" Then later that same day you are taking a nice bath and have on a gross green face mask. Same child walks in. Uninvited I might add. Looks at you. Doesn't seem to even notice the green gunk on your face and ask "Hey Mom. What'd ya do to your hair?" Then noticed your green face and says "Your Face!" You know it is time for change. I mean really! Apparently my children see me as A fat green faced John Travolta in Drag!

So I'll keep you posted on my success. I need to try again to start a walking ticker and get exercising.

Thanks for reading! xoxoxo Amy

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