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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Girl Scout Tuesday

Yesterday I got all my groceries for two weeks of dinners. I even remembered to get some breakfast 'stuff' and a few Smart One dinners for lunch. I spent just over 200.00. Not bad really for all I got.
I am two for two on dinners! I made the Enchiladas last night, from scratch. The sauce wasn't looking just right so I called my friend Margie. She said that it probably wasn't red because sometimes it comes from using the water you soak the chilis in. I used chili powder. Well, it came out kind of mucky brown colored. That was too bad I kind of remember it not being real red the last time I made it (probably 6 years ago!). The thick lumpy texture of the sauce was what was gross. I went ahead and made them anyway. Tom ate it! He had more for lunch today and declared them good. Now, he was either being super nice because he has been asking for them for weeks. Or, they really were good. I ate a bite or two and they weren't all bad. I didn't like the texture but, the taste was ok. I only had one over all. I didn't want to screw up my points.
Tonight we had spaghetti. Well, the kids and I had spaghetti. Tom's friend Scott is in town this evening and the guys went out. I should say that Diva and I had spaghetti. Wonks had bread. Snoot had bread. Then they both went screaming to their room when told they couldn't have more til they ate either some spaghetti or peas & carrots. Snot had bread and a little bit of spaghetti. He use to tear into it like nobody's business but, not so much anymore.
This is Tuesday so Diva brought home another Reading TAKS test practice. This time it was an article on Martin Luther King Jr.. We did well and remembered to go back and check all our circle hicky things.
I spent the morning working on things for our Girl Scout meeting. I helped the girls with their cookie knowledge! Eight of my thirteen girls were there. Not bad.
My head is horribly congested today and keeps getting worse. I am going to take some pills and go to bed.
I used 24 points yesterday and 25.5 today. This cooking meals is great for the feed the family stress but, not so great on the diet! The enchiladas were even made with Fat Free Cheese!
I make myself use the little plates like the kids. I use small bowls for my cereal too. The garlic bread did it to me tonight. I only had one slice. I knew the bread was 2 points but, had no idea the spray butter I was using would get me!

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Mythreesons said...

I understand on the cooking and your food thing. When we have sausage and mac and cheese night, I heat up a Weight Watchers frozen dinner! There is nooooo way I can fit sausage and mac and cheese into the plan! Hey the boys are going to "make" horses and do barrel racing for the "rodeo". It will be cute! I think their teachers need to be the barrels!!!! LoL