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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Welcome to 2008

NO! Please NO! I am taking a stand now that what I did the first day of the year is not how my year will go! I did laundry alllllll day! And there is still more today! Sorry....I kind of panicked when I read that on your blog. I hate laundry. I did crochet and finished a poncho for Diva. My kids left for the farm at 1:30. So will my 2008 be filled with laundry, finished projects, and special time with my husband? The kids were in good moods and played well together. Ok, well, that is an ok way for my 2008 to go. I can handle the laundry if all the other happens too. I think I will just copy this for my Blog post!Happy New Year!

I'm lazy. I just copied and pasted my comment from D's blog. She is a military wife and has moved many times. She commented on her blog that some cultures believe that what you do the first day of the year will determine how the rest of your year will go. I kind of panicked because all I can remember doing yesterday was laundry. And if you have known me for more than a minute you know I HATE LAUNDRY! I have tried to explore these feelings I have toward dirty clothes. I think it is: the 50 dirty socks that have to be turned right side out; the clean folded clothes that I find in the hamper under a weeks worth of dirty clothes; the 6 pairs of Diva's sleepers, that I know were only worn once; and the big, soggy, wet, pull ups. That I find in the hamper that cause me to have this seething hatred toward laundry. (Yes I know that is a terrible 'sentence' or whatever, but, if you have known me for more than a minute you know too that grammar and spelling have never been a strong point of mine. You also know that I type as fast as I talk and well, that's never good.)
I had better sign off. I have lots to do and without the kids here to run me off the computer I could be here all day. I only get up to freshen the coffee!
Love ya'


Mythreesons said...

Go see my new hair!!!!! I'm excited it looks pretty good! When did you want to shoot for going to weight watchers. Monday night or Thurday night? Thursday nights would be the best for me really because Monday is basketball practice. Plus if you weigh in on Monday then you have to be "good" and not cheat at all on Saturday and Sunday! That's hard for me to do! I do better not cheating on Tuesday and Wednesday's. Hee Hee LOL and Snort!

Margie said...

Yay, I'm caught up now.