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Monday, January 28, 2008

Off at a Run

Time for another week to begin. I have my two week menu plan ready. I am off to the grocery store this morning. I will have a tag along. Snoot is still complaining of his throat. I have a Rx that I will get filled and see if it helps. The doc in the box Friday night told Tom that he didn't think it would help but, gave us one anyway. I also have the Rondec which has become a favorite for helping with congestion.
The laundry is taking over the house, again! So groceries, laundry, cookies, Rehab, that is my day!
Diva had a great game on Saturday. She actually touched the ball a few time! She didn't dribble or hold on to it for long but, touched it none the less.
Well, gotta run.

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Margie said...

G. had a good time with Diva yesterday. Next time, it's her turn to come over here!!