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Friday, January 4, 2008

Ye Who hasn't updated must not ......

scorn those who have not updated....
I have logged on and checked into my favorite blogs. No new post. I have three friends who I love to check in on. The first one I checked is a new friend of mine. Thanks to her blogging she got friend number 2 to do it and then friend 2 got me involved.... Anyway, friend 1, D', she doesn't have a new post. But, she get a reprieve. She is a military mom whose big girls have been here for about 2 weeks and she had to send them home yesterday. Her parents are here and probably due to return home soon too. So, I shall assume D' is reflecting on the fun she had with her girls and enjoying some more time with her parents, not to mention keeping up with her other 7 kids! Friend 2, well Marge isn't very consistent. Due to holiday prepping and traveling she hasn't posted in forever. Then we had a ton of pics to see and fun updates. THEN....yesterday, her 16 month old son, highly allergic to milk, pulled sister's cup off the table and began immediately having a reaction. Yes, the kid started breaking out by having the milk on his skin! I thought 'food' allergies were just if you ate or drank it. She shared all her drama with us. So I guess she has an excuse to wait awhile too. Now, friend 3, JJ, friend since 1974 which seems like an eon to my 8 year old daughter, is new to blogging. She probably hasn't posted recently because she hasn't gotten out of her sleepers and is enjoying her last 4 days of freedom before returning to her job keeping 2 year olds 3 days a week at Mother's Day Out. That and she is dreading going back to 6th grade. Her oldest son is in 6th Grade and JJ is having way too many flash backs. Back to the 1974 thing. She and I were paired together as junior mascots for the High School Drill Team. I am forever grateful to those 'big' girls who picked us. I was telling Diva something the other day about my friend and I playing etc.... When I said that JJ and I had been friends since 1974 you'd have thought I said we'd been friends since we met on the Mayflower. "1974, oh my gosh! That's forever!"
Well, back to me. Things haven't been very eventful around here either. The boys and I got all of Christmas boxed up and in the garage. Most of it made it into the attic. Today, I am so feeling the effects of 15 trips up and down the ladder. This morning Grandma was in town and stayed with the boys while Diva and I had our nails done. Yes, nails done. She has been bugging me for weeks to take her. I soaked mine off a few nights ago (the acrylic kind) but, needed to have them shaped and buffed. So off we went. I think she enjoyed it. She was awfully quiet but, couldn't stop messing with the flowers when we were done. I'll try to get a picture tomorrow.
She saw a movie with a friend then that friend and a classmate just down the block, came over for a couple of hours. I got the living room back in order and blah...blah....blah......
Now, I"m not asking for something as exciting as a broken arm, toy up the nose, or horrible allergic reaction to blog about but, if you are still reading this boring thing you are more desperate for blog material than I am!
I'm even too tired and bored to reread it. We have to be at the gym at 7:30am tomorrow for the first game of a basketball tournament. This will be Diva's very first basketball game. She's a bit nervous. Hopefully that will be more exciting to blog about.
Good night!

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Mythreesons said...

Ok tell me the many postings do you want????? 1 a day, 2 a day????? What's the number????? As far as I can tell you and Robbi are the only ones who even know I HAVE a blog. I kind of feel like I'm writing to myself. Have you ever tought of that! I'm writing all this stuff down and NO ONE is reading it!!!! LOL It's either that or no one like my hair and they are just too kind to mention it and are pretending they didn't see it! AAAAAAGGGGGG the Horror! Hee Hee