Christmas 2013

Monday, February 18, 2008


Like the header? Yep. Got a sick kid. Snot was kind of whinny at lunch yesterday but, took a few minute nap and was better. Diva had an icecream gift card burning a whole in her hand. Since they ate well at Cheddars and even tried some new things, we took them to Marble Slab. I was good. I didn't get my own cup. I shared some with Tom, helped Audrey with her big one, ate some of Snoots that was about to spill over the edge, made sure Snots wasn't too much to handle............. Now if you add all that up I probably could have gotten an icecream I really like ate all of a small scoop and not had as much as I did eating off of everybody elses!

Diva went to a church meeting with a friend, Daddy went to a movie with Uncle Tim, and the boys and I chilled. They took baths and were all cleaned up then off to bed. Diva came home and then was off to bed. I worked on pictures and my scrapbook piles. Tom came home and we watched some shows we had on DVR. Layed down around 11:45p. Snot starts crying around 12:30. Comes to our bed. We try to get him to take medicine. He gets himself so worked up he barfs all over MY bed. Tom goes to Diva's room because she is on the top bunk. I clean up the kid and the bed. I go ahead and put the sheets in the washer and start it. Back in bed all is well settling down. Then I start to hear gurgling and burping in the bathroom. The tub is backing up. OH Drat! That's right. Snoot told me they put rubber ducks in the toilet. He informed me this during bath time when the toilet gurgled. So, the washer caused the lines to back up. Ofcourse I didn't think about that til the rinse cycle started too. Finally about 2:30 I go to bed, read a little to settle down. Go to sleep. 4:00p here comes Snot. 5:00p Raider decides to come to the bed too. He begins to attack Snots feet. I don't know this and figure Snot is having a bad dream when he starts saying Aristocats are hurting me. Finally settle down in time for the alarm to go off at 6:10a. Life is good!
So needless to say I am laying low today. I got Diva, Wonks, and Snoot to school. Snoot's teacher is out so he went into Snots room. He told Mrs. Sawyer he'd be James today. WAlking to class he was looking off in another direction and ran smack into a pole. So he should have a pretty good shinner when I pick him up later.
Well, I'm off to lay around. Enjoy your Monday!
xoxo Amy