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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I think my name is Amy...........

The last three nights have been rough. There was the Sunday night drama. The plumbers never showed up Monday. Tom had big meetings on Tuesday so I sent him to a hotel. I had the kids. Snot came to bed with me and pulverized me all night long. Plumbers made it here around 9:30am yesterday. I took a quick wash off bath and was going to head to the grocery store. The school called to inform me Snot had a 102 temp. Great. Girl Scouts yesterday. Thank you Margie for all your help. The girls began work on their Stitch it Together Try-It. It was fun. I have some other things for them to start at the next meeting. In our book of info on Council wide activities I found a sleepover at the Abilene Zoo! I am so excited. I want to do a San Antonio Zoo sleepover some day too but, for now we'll try Abilene.
Came home to do homework, cook supper and then go grocery shopping. Snot had another fairly rough night. At 3am we were finally able to get 3/4 a tsp of medicine in him. It helped alot. He cooled off and was able to sleep. Me not so much.
Now I am back on a mass Little Einstein hunt. There isn't a party decoration, napkin, balloon for Little Einsteins to be found in this town. And in my great planning I haven't left enough time to order. We will have the party at a place called Fun Town. It is an old theatre where they have pulled out all the seats and put in huge inflatables. They have staff to help watch the kids. They will provide paper goods etc..... So I am hoping that with a cool cake and presents the boys won't notice they don't have special napkins, plates, cups. Perhaps I'll get some balloons.
Well. I have snot home today and Wonks woke with a fever and coughing so I kept him home too. Snoot is here too just because I'm too lazy to deal with taking and picking him up at school.
xoxo Amy

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