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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Hearts! Cookies! Basketball!

Life is good! The entire town is in prayer of thankfulness today. Our baby Reagan has received a new heart. Quick info on her for those who don't receive the Word via e-mail: She was born with a virus that effected her heart. She was doing well on meds til about two weeks before Christmas. The docs here flew her to Houston. She has been in the hospital there since. She did well, had to make a few trips to ICU, had some weight up and down issues but, over all did well. February 14th 11:30pm the family received word an acceptable heart was found. 8:30am on the 15th they began surgery to replace her heart. By about 6pm that evening her Mom and Dad were able to see her. On the 16th she was off the ventilator and by 6pm that evening had drank 2oz of juice! Mom and Dad were able to put their hands on their daughter and feel her new heart beating. Happy Day! The hope is that in about two weeks she will be released from the hospital. Mom and Reagan will stay with family for 100 days then we pray they will be released to come home in time for Reagan's first birthday in May!
Friday evening we had a cookie booth. Cold but people bought! Saturday morning Basketball game. Diva did very well. We then ran our photos out to the fairgrounds. Diva and I have entered photos in the Creative Arts exhibit at the Stock Show and Rodeo. I have one and Diva has two. Judging is today. THen it was home for two bites of food, grab twins and head to a friends birthday party. After party met GS moms in Lowe's parking lot and picked up their cookies and $$. Home for about an hour or so. Diva and I then headed out to Hastings for a cookie booth. The figures show we sold 116 boxes !! Ok ready for another cool prayer thing.
I am walking back to the truck for some cookies. I decide to thank the Lord for the weather clearing up. "Thank you Lord for this nice weather and an opportunity to spend some time with my friend Margie. Please bless our booth and sales. YOu know we can sell by the case as well so a case sale or two would be nice. Thank you." "Mary take over." I get in the back of the Red truck and am shifting boxes around. Margie's daughter walks up and says she needs a case of Carmel D'Lites for a lady who wants a whole case. I nearly fell out of the back of the truck! Needless to say the prayer on the walk back to the booth was "THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!"
Came home, said hi to my parents who were here, changed clothes, grabbed Mom, Diva and Wonks and headed to Civic Theater for the Children's Theatre performance of Honk Jr. WOW! What amazing kids we have here. I am happy to report that many of them are from our Elementary school and the Middle School my kids will attend.
Came home for the last time, changed clothes, dug out enough room in the boys room to get their sleepers on them, and went to bed!
Now the clock tells me I'd better get up and take my shower. Soon it will be time for Mass.
Love to all. Happy Sunday!
xoxox Amy

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