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Friday, February 22, 2008

The week we don't want to remember

Ok, we had the whole barf in my bed thing Sunday night. Waiting for plumbers on Monday. They come on Tuesday. Girl Scouts. Cookies, Cookies, Cookies............. Snot to school on Tuesday but, called at 11:30 with fever. Snot and Wonks home Wednesday and Thursday. Look for decorations/order cake/make goody bags for birthday party. Snot and Wonks to doctor this morning. They have the flu. Cancel birthday party reschedule for next weekend.
Then the little things that just send you over the edge.
WW meeting..........GAINED~~!~~~!!~~!!!!~~~~~!!~1.4lbs.......AAAUUUGGGHHHHHH.........I need chocolate.

Jump Rope for Heart is when? Friday? OK.......Diva jumped today for Reagan.
You are giving back how many cases? 6....... How about you? 10!......... How about you? What do you mean they are locked in your mom's house and you can't get in? And you? 4..........
I need more Chocolate! And I don't mean these thigh enlarging pound increasing Thin Mints and Carmel De'Lites!
It has been a rough cookie year for my troop. 6 of my girls have had big family issues hit them. Sicknesses, troubles, I don't know what all. I do know that it has caused a major reduction in cookie sales.

What happened?
He pee'd in the laundry basket!
They can't go back to school til when?

What's for lunch!?!
call husband....... Whatch' ya doin'? she says hoping for him to say he'll bring her a tuna sandwich from Subway.
EATING WITH FRIENDS! I have had a heck of a morning, make it a heck of a week and you are eating with friends while I sit here looking at greasy fish sticks!
Yeah........Love you too. Bye.....

I am so not cooking supper tonight.

Then I tell Snoot and Diva to go play outside. It is nice and I don't want you around the other two. Now if they are playing outside why did I find this in the boys room?
Hannah Montana Ballerina and the accomplice. Oh well. They are staying out of the way.
But, Snoot's desire to dress like a girl is very short lived. He has now informed me he is done and ready for boy clothes.

All is good.
Happy Weekend!
xoxo Amy


Mythreesons said...

Oh this so goes in the blackmail file!!!!! I have one set of pictures I have named on my computer the "blackmail" file. It contains at the of Aaron in pantyhose and high heel shoes!!!!! And no we don't have a sister to blame on dressing him up! He did it alllllllll by himself and posed for pictures afterward!!! Hee Hee LOL! Hope the herd is feeling better soon and no one else gets it!

De'Etta said...

Oh my - next week has got to be better.