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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Weigh Day.....

Well, Wonks and Snot are staying home again today. They still have a small fever and drainage. It's just easier to keep them home.
They slept well last night. Me not so much. My comforter is at the cleaners and the afghans just don't cut it sometimes. Especially when Snoot comes to our bed and hogs everything while kicking us in the head and back.
Buddy! AAUUGGHH THAT DOG! He jumped the fence, then went running around. He did come back and went right through the house to the backyard. I hate that he will run right at me and the right by me. He would make a great running back. Midnight he decided the neighbors and fellow dogs in the area needed to bark. And bark.....and bark......and bark! I finally adjusted his barking collar and he stopped. I hate that thing but, the dumb dog just doesn't learn.
So I went to bed all stressed out and whinning. Then I remembered......Pray. OK. I grabbed my rosary from Fr. Forrest and started. I must have finally fell asleep because I didn't wake til about 5:45 when Snoot kidney jabbed me.
Diva is off to school and I am taking Snoot today too. Laundry is, as always, on the agenda for the day.
Tonight I weigh in again. My bathroom scale isn't being too nice to me and there isn't a q-tip hiding under it. So who knows what this evening will hold. I have cheated way too much this week.
Ok. Well, I am boring.
I love this song by Petra and wanted to share. I found a few fun Spring and Summer photos to add. Enjoy.

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