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Monday, March 31, 2008

Happy Monday!

How was your weekend?
Mine was GREAT! Friday night I spent the night at the ZOO! I love love love Zoos!
The Abilene Zoo is becoming more and more awesome. They have a terrific Education Director named Joy. She hosted the GS sleepover. My friend and fellow GS mom, Margie, and I took 5 scouts. I started Friday morning with 8 scouts and 5 moms. Due to conflicts, etc...... several had to bow out. They are going to cry when they see what they missed!

Why is this picture dark? It was taken after Dark!!!! We took a night tour of the zoo!

We went into the Restricted Area. Diva tried to take a picture of me at the entrance area to the restricted area but the camera wouldn't focus in the dark well. So Margie took one the next day. She said there was a man kind of watching us and he was about to come get me and run me off! So never never go near a restricted area with out a Joy!Now what is this? Joy brought out some of the animals she takes care of. This is a kinkajou named Gus. He is an orangish color, monkeyish looking, long tail, big eyes. He is nocturnal. If you watch Diego you have seen one on there. Is Diva touching it? YES! I did too!

Ok. I want to share more but my hair is in rollers. I have to get boys to school. Book a park for Thursday's t-ball practice. Work at the school book fair. Grocery Store. Rehab Center for Snot's speech session........ Then t-ball practice this evening. Whew. I'm tired just typing it all. But, it will be a fun day.

OH, you might say a little prayer for Tom today. He tripped over the dog last night and banged his head pretty hard on the concrete. He did this not long after James did the same thing! You'd think he'd have learned something from the crying 5 year old on the sofa with a bag of frozen veggies on his head! See Buddy was tethered in the front yard with me while I worked on getting more leaves out of the vines. His tether is pretty long and in the driveway it is easy to get tripped up by him.

I'll post more later. xoxoxo Amy

OH the other part of my Great weekend is....We arrived home about 12n on Saturday. At 4:30p Diva and I were hosting a Surprise Birthday Party for our friend Taylor, Baby Reagan's big sister. She was very surprised. We had the party at Mind Your Manners Party House. If you don't know about this place or haven't checked it out recently please do so. Sharanda El-Masri is the owner and party giver. She has some really great girls working with her and they do a really terrific job. I say I hosted the party. I set the date, showed up, wrote a check. Sharanda and her girls really did the rest. Even Rex and his sister did more because I goofed a bit and didn't get invites from Sharanda on time to hand out. So Rex and Mitzi took over and got girls invited. I so worried that we wouldn't get many girls because I dropped the ball on getting them notified sooner. We had 18 girls come to the party! AWESOME~!~
Please pray for Reagan today as she undergoes a heart cath procedure to check her heart for rejection.

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