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Thursday, March 27, 2008

I'm still here.

I know it has been ages, for me anyway, since I posted. Sorry.
Easter-Parents, sister, and nephew here for dinner and egg hunt. The weather was cold but, luckily the rain stopped for our hunt.
Monday was still a vacation day for the kids.
We have had several t-ball practices so far and the kids seem to be going real well.
Tom ditched me Tuesday morning. He claims to be in San Antonio for 'Water Conference'. He is in San Antonio on the river walk with his work buddies. I was a bit ticked when he called tonight from Buckhorns. I have always wanted to go in there and just never made it. Either it didn't work into the plans or they were closed. But, when he let me listen to the great music and sounded truly sad that I wasn't there to dance I felt better. I'm really glad he has gotten this week. And I know that he has attended the conference because he usually does and comes home with good information for work.
Diva and I are packing our bags for another Girl Scout over night. This time we are off to Abilene Zoo! I am so excited!!!! I love love love zoos! If I lived in San Antonio I would have a lifetime membership gold platinum super duper card. Tom is not as big on zoos as I am. I can spend the whole day at one. Last year we visited the El Paso zoo. They have an orangutan.
Ok, well I know this is boring and no pictures. But you need a funny. I know that the kids have provided me with many but as usual I can't remember them all. But these comments came this evening when we talked to Daddy.
I talked to him then had Diva tell him about her TAKS test score. OH MY GOSH!! I HAVEN"T TOLD YOU ALL!!!! SHE MADE A 100!!!!!! Got every question correct! Ok. So she tells her Daddy and can hear all the music. We all hear Daddy give a big YeeHaw! to the music. Well not that hickish but, you know. So we hang up. Diva ask.
"Where is he?"
"He's in San Antonio at the Buckhorn. The place we see every time we take a carriage ride in San Antonio. He's listening to a band and drinking margaritas with his friends."
"What's a marrita...?" this is Wonks.
"you know those funny green drinks at Red Lobster."
"Oh. Why did he YeeHaw? Because you made a 100 on tax?"
"No, he's listening to music. You know how he gets when he listens to music."
One of our favorite things to do is play old music. Be it country, rock, even some bluegrass. Sing and Dance in the living room. It's funny but, Tom can usually outlast all 4 kids. He is making such wonderful memories for them. Much the same memories I have of his Daddy. His Daddy was too funny. We'd all be over there, Tom's siblings and spouses etc.... Ed would put on a video or a music channel. IF the ladies in the kitchen were talking too loud over a song of his the volume would just go up and up and up and up til we hushed and joined them.
Well, I'm beat and still need to make sure I have all my leader stuff together for tomorrow. If you or someone you know, has a third grade daughter who wants to be part of GS. And the Mom loves to keep up with paperwork, events, schedules, filing, training, certification, etc..... PLEASE send her to me!!!! I'll do all the rest. Well not cookies. I"m so over cookies. But, the paper @*#^% makes me absolutely totally nuts and I can't handle it.
Ok. Sorry for the dreary post. I will try to get you some Easter pics and better updating later.

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